Famous Quotes About Sinners

quotes about sinners

Some famous quotes about sinners include the ones by Martin Luther and Fulton J. Sheen. Martin Luther, for instance, once said, “Many a sinner has played his trombone into heaven.” Every saint has a past and a future; it’s just a matter of identifying the path. “Sin is the burden of the earth.” Others have written that sin rots human nature, corrupts the human spirit, and ultimately leads to death.”

Sin is a burden to the earth

The Bible often speaks of sin as a burden on the earth. In Psalm 32:1-4, God speaks of how our sins are a burden to the earth. We can see this truth in the life of David, a vibrant man in Scripture. His sin shortened his life. He aged prematurely, and his health declined dramatically. He was a physically gifted, strong man, but his sins had an adverse effect on his health.

It affects the whole creation

Sin is an act of displacement or change from God’s holy design. This action affects not only the individual, but all of creation.

It corrupts the human nature

There are two kinds of human nature: incorruptible and corrupt. Corruptible is a generic term, while incorruptible is a specific characteristic. Man is corruptible because he is from the same genus as animals that are naturally corrupted.

It causes death

One of the strongest arguments in favor of Christianity is that sin causes death. John 3:16 says that all unrighteousness is sin. This means that Ananias and Sapphira died in their sin of lying.

It is the presupposition of redemption

The Christian faith teaches that God desires redemption for sinners and that the redemption of sinners is a prerequisite for eternal life. However, the presupposition of redemption for sinful people is not a simple one. Rather, it depends on a number of conditions. For instance, God must first elevate man to a supernatural condition, which can only be accomplished through the work of Jesus Christ.

It is the most fun of the 7 deadly sins

The Seven Deadly Sins are sometimes described as despicable acts, but they are actually very common among men. Pride, for example, is the desire to enjoy personal achievements, and it is considered the most serious of the seven.

It is the most attractive to a saint

Saints are dull, but sinners are dynamic and interesting. Sinners are often the most interesting characters in plays, because they can develop in so many different ways. Gwendolen’s famous line, “God is good, but sinners are the most attractive to a saint,” is a celebration of wickedness rather than an acknowledgement of God’s grace. Although Lord Illingworth is eventually rejected by Gwendolen, the hedonist character is still the most interesting, getting all the good lines.