Famous Birds of Prey Quotes

birds of prey quotes

Some of the best quotes from Birds of Prey revolve around the characters. These include Harley Quinn, Cassandra Cain, and Guy Gardner. These women are fierce and fearless, yet they also have a lot in common. We can relate to the struggles they faced and the way they lived their lives.

Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn is famous for her witty personality, but it doesn’t mean she’s a softy. She can be fierce, but her personality is also very friendly. When she sees Katana, a fierce swordswoman who joins the Suicide Squad, she is excited. Although she doesn’t see her as a threat, she does have a certain respect for women who can take care of themselves.

The movie Birds of Prey also features Harley Quinzel, a psychiatrist who quickly analyzes people. In one of the films, Harley tells the Huntress that she should not seek vengeance. She points out that even Batman found that vengeance didn’t make Gotham better.

Renee Montoya

Renee Montoya is a Gotham City police detective who is assigned to the Major Crimes Unit. She frequently interacts with Batman, and has been in many Batman films. Although she was never a mainstream character, Birds of Prey is a good example of a film that subverts the status quo. In fact, she was even featured in the pitch deck for director Yan’s new Batman series. In addition to her acting in the film, she also performed all of the stunts herself.

Renee Montoya has a unique skill set and style. While most comic book characters use their iconic weapons, Montoya uses her fists to fight. Often, she uses her brass knuckles when she runs out of guns, which shows her physical strength and resiliency.

Cassandra Cain

Cassandra Cain is a vigilante from the DC universe. She has the ability to read body language as well as speech, as well as predict the movements of her enemies. She was raised by a notorious assassin and learned to read body language at an early age. Cassandra Cain became an expert in interpreting body language and was able to deduce complex thoughts from a person’s smallest movements. As a child, she had no means of communicating with anyone but her father. This explains why she became a vigilante at such an early age.

Cassandra is raised by a violent father, David Cain, as an assassin. Her father, who was a ruthless murderer, abused her, and punished her for not being a good person. But she was not the first assassin. Despite her upbringing, she is still an assassin.

Guy Gardner

Some of Guy Gardner’s most famous quotes are relating to birds of prey. In his first appearance in the comic book series, Guy was described as an ultra-macho parody of the “red-blooded American male.” The character has evolved from the original version in comic books and television to the version he is now.

As the Guardian of the Universe, Guy Gardner is granted a certain level of authority over other Lanterns, and he is tasked with missions that other Lanterns aren’t equipped to handle. In order to fulfill his mission, he has to think outside the box. This is why the Guardians believe that Guy is the perfect choice to be a Guardian.