Falynn Guobadia Pina and Jaylan Banks Net Worth

Currently, Falynn Pina is dating Jaylan Banks, a young entrepreneur. The couple is preparing to welcome their first child together.

Falynn and Jaylan first met in July of 2021 while Falynn was going through a divorce from her husband, Simon Guobadia. They officially made their romance official in July 2021. Falynn Pina is an American television personality and social media influencer. In addition to her television work, she also has a successful modeling career. She appeared on the thirteenth season of the Real Housewives of Atlanta. She has since gone on to gain considerable income from her work.

Falynn has a son, Liam, and a niece, Ava, from her previous relationships. She was legally married to Simon Guobadia, but she and Simon filed for divorce in February of 2021. Although the two were married for two years, the marriage ended on bad terms. Falynn’s ex-husband alleges that she cheated on him with Jaylan. He also alleges that Jaylan snuck into her home and cheated on her.

Falynn Guobadia Pina is a reality TV personality and model. She has a net worth of $20 million. She is a member of the Real Housewives of Atlanta and has appeared in the show as Falynn. In addition to her work as a model, she has also been involved with several businesses. One of these businesses is J&F Productions, a company that makes short films. The company has already gained a large online following. In addition to her work as a model, Guobadia also promotes positive living. She has been linked to the beverage company Drinkbiolyte.

Jaylan has a small following on social media, with over 30,000 followers. He has a lot of followers on Instagram. He has a profile that says he is a blogger, although he hasn’t revealed what he studied or what his career has been. He has been involved with several business ventures, and he is very likely to succeed. However, he may prefer to keep his financial status private.

Jaylan Banks’ sister is from Atlanta, Georgia. His mother is from Washington DC. The two are of Black African ethnicity. Jaylan has all American ethnicity, as well. He was born in Detroit, Michigan. He moved to Cincinnati, Ohio when he was in his mid-teens. He attended Kennesaw State University. He graduated from the university in 2012. He was also involved in a number of business ventures when he was a teenager. He also started his own company when he was 16. He has made a lot of money in the business world. He is also involved with several apps that have been downloaded by millions of people around the world.

Falynn Pina and Jaylan Banks haven’t officially announced the gender of the baby, but fans are eager to find out. Some speculate that the baby will be a girl. Others think that Falynn is eight months pregnant, which would put the due date for the baby around February of 2022.