Facundo Cabral Quotes

facundo cabral quotes

Facundo Cabral is an Argentine troubadour who was very popular in Latin America. He was assassinated in Guatemala at the end of a concert tour. His music was a combination of spirituality and mysticism. His songs were played on many Argentine radio stations. He also spoke out against many social justice issues and helped many victims.

Known for his spiritual outlook, Cabral drew inspiration from several figures. He preached a spiritual view that included the subjugation of the ego. He also had affinities with writers such as Walt Whitman and Jorge Luis Borges. In addition, he supported pacifism. As a child, he had to work for his mother and was illiterate until the age of 14.

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Cabral was married twice, but his first wife died in a plane crash in 1978. He was almost blind, crippled, and a survivor of bone cancer. As a result of his tragic life, he lived a simple and minimalist lifestyle. He said that happiness would be his ultimate goal.