Facts About Emily Riedel – Bering Sea Gold Net Worth

Having started off as a deckhand on the ‘The Clark’ in season one, Emily Riedel was eventually given a chance to own her own vessel. She has since taken over the dredge called ‘Eroica Mining’. Her involvement in the show has contributed to her considerable net worth.

She has earned over $250 thousand from her gold mining career. Her family is also involved in the industry. She is the daughter of miner Steve Riedel. She is also the captain of her own boat. She was the first woman to own a dredge in the Bering Sea. She also has an extensive career as a reality television star.

When she was younger, Riedel had a passion for music. She would study classical music, and was heavily influenced by her father’s fishing business. She eventually graduated from college with a degree in music. She later decided to try her hand at gold mining, which she had heard about from her father. This was a career move that helped her pay for college. Eventually, she worked at the mine and saved up to buy her own vessel. She now owns a large dredge in Nome, Alaska, which she runs herself.

In season three of Bering Sea Gold, Emily Riedel became the captain of her own dredge, the ‘Eroica’. She is also a part owner of the ‘The Edge’, a suction dredge, which was built by a friend of hers. She has also been involved in a number of spin-offs of the show.

She was initially approached by the discovery channel to appear on a reality television show about gold mining. After seeing her on the show, they invited her crew to be a part of their program. This was a chance for the cast to amass a lot of money. The show, called ‘Bering Sea Gold’, is a reality show that follows the lives of a group of men and women who work on boats in the ocean for gold. As the crew continues their mining adventures, they are expected to accumulate more wealth.

Emily Riedel’s father is also a captain of the Bering Sea Gold. He has a net worth of over $100k, and she is his only child. She also has a brother named Nate, and she has a sister who is unknown. She was born in Homer, Alaska, and has an American nationality. She is currently single and lives in Nome. She has a large net worth, and is reportedly worth over $500 thousand. She has been featured in thirteen seasons of Bering Sea Gold. She is also the only female to own a dredge in Alaska’s Bering Sea. She has a tattoo of a gold mine.

She has appeared on the Discovery Channel’s reality series, ‘Bering Sea Gold’, and has accumulated a huge net worth. As of 2016, her net worth is estimated at over $200k. She is the only female on the Bering Sea Gold board of directors.