EZPZ Net Worth – How Much is Lindsey Laurain Worth?

EZPZ is a kids’ meal product company founded by Lindsey Laurain. The product line features colorful plates and placemats that are designed to be compartmentalized. Aside from being sold in the US, EZPZ products are also used internationally. Some of the brand’s products are sold in stores like Bed, Bath and Beyond, Target, Nordstrom, and Crate and Kids. The company has sold thousands of units on Amazon.

The EZPZ product line is known for its colorful plates and placemats, as well as its unique developmental approach to children’s feeding experiences. Its products are sold in several countries and have received a lot of positive press in recent years. The company’s sales are estimated to be worth $25 million by 2020. It is estimated that Laurain’s stake in the company is between 20% and 80%.

In order to raise funds, Lindsey Laurain launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. She raised $35,000 for her product. After the launch of the campaign, EZPZ’s social media presence was increased. This helped the product gain momentum and sell more than 85,000 units during one year. In addition, Buy Buy Baby decided to add EZ PZ food mats to its line of baby supplies. This allowed the product to spread to more than 90 stores in the U.S. and several European distributors contacted EZ PZ for distribution rights in the EU.

In early 2016, EZPZ appeared on the TV show Shark Tank. During the appearance, the product line was valued at $20 million. In return, Laurain asked for a $1 million investment in exchange for a 5% share in the company. The Sharks gave her an offer.

However, Laurain declined two offers. She stated that she did not feel that the deal was right for her. This resulted in a great deal of social media fallout. Some netizens described the pitch as messy and cringe-worthy. Some suggested making memes out of her facial expressions.

The EZPZ mealtime mat is now sold in many major retailers. It is now available at Bed, Bath and Beyond, Target, Nordstrom, Crate and Kids, and Amazon.

Lindsey is also a wife and mother of three. She graduated with a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Arizona State University. She worked as a corporate administrator before she began her company. She has a healthy body weight and no relationship issues. She plans to release a “mini mat” and a “mini cup” in the next few years. She expects a large demand for her product after the appearance on Shark Tank. The company is likely to receive millions of dollars in revenue from Ono sales.

Before the Shark Tank appearance, Laurain’s EZPZ had been selling well on Amazon. After the episode, her sales were estimated to reach $10 million. The company has been expanding to other storefronts in the United States, and it has started to gain international exposure. During the appearance, EZPZ’s social media was a huge draw. It benefited from a large amount of publicity and website traffic.