Esther Hicks Net Worth

If you want to find out about the Esther Hicks net worth, keep reading. You’ll discover that she’s a multi-millionaire. In addition to her books, Esther Hicks has given numerous lectures and workshop presentations on the law of attraction. While she has been a central figure in The Secret franchise, her contribution to the movie has been controversial. Her net worth has fluctuated due to a number of factors.

Esther Hicks was born in Coalville, Utah and is the oldest of six children. Her parents were both teachers, and she excelled in school from an early age. She graduated from Temple University with a degree in business administration, and married her first husband at twenty-one. Her first marriage ended in divorce, and she gave birth to her daughter, Tracy. Hicks’ net worth grew significantly after her divorce from her first husband.

Esther Hicks’ net worth is estimated at $10 million. She is an inspirational speaker and author. She was married to Jerry Hicks, who passed away in 2011. Her net worth is estimated at $10 million. She lives in Coalville, Utah, USA. Esther Hicks is reportedly in good health. While she has not revealed her exact net worth, there’s no indication that she will suffer any health complications.

Esther Hicks is best known for her work with the law of attraction. She has written many books on the topic and appeared in a number of television shows and movies. Her teachings have inspired many people to make positive changes in their lives. Esther Hicks’ net worth is estimated to be in the six-digit range. However, you can estimate her net worth by looking at the books she’s published.

While Esther Hicks has never spoken about her studies, she has certainly earned a lot of money. Esther Hicks net worth is estimated to reach $20 million by 2022. Esther Hicks has been working hard to make her theories a reality. She credits her late husband, Jerry Hicks, with helping her every step of the way. However, Esther Hicks’ net worth may be higher, or lower, than her husband’s.

Her book Eat, Pray, Love was a success and was adapted to the screen in 2010. Julia Roberts and Javier Bardem starred in the film. In the past, she had a long-term relationship with actress Rayya Elias, who tragically passed away from cancer in 2017. Despite the fact that she’s no longer married, she maintains an active social media presence. She regularly shares inspirational advice.