Ernie Haase Net Worth

Known for his tenor voice, Ernie Haase is a successful American gospel singer and songwriter. He has earned millions of dollars from his career. In the next 10 days, Ernie will turn 58 years old. He is also a member of the Gospel music group Gaither Vocal Band. His net worth is estimated at $3 million.

Ernie Haase grew up in the city of Newburgh, Indiana. He attended Oakland City University and studied music. He later joined Cathedrals, a Southern gospel quartet. When Cathedrals broke up, he joined a group called Old Friends Quartet. He also sang with Jake Hess in this group. In 2011, Ernie Haase started StowTown Records, a southern gospel record label. He also formed Ernie Haase & Signature Sound.

During his career, Ernie Haase has released several solo albums and recorded with other artists. He has appeared on several TV shows, including Stand by Me and Great Love. His solo albums include What Difference a Day Makes, Glorious Day, and Christmas Live! He also recorded with the Dixie Melody Boys. His songs have been featured on several television shows, including the television show Friday Night Sing. He has also appeared in several movies.

Before he became famous, Ernie Haase was married to Lisa Younce. They have been married for almost three decades. They have a daughter named Lisa. They enjoy traveling, playing basketball and have traveled to Chicago. They also enjoy spending time with their friends and family.

Ernie Haase has also been married to multiple women. His first wife was Suzi Quatro. He married her in 1993. Afterward, he became involved with a woman named Marilyn Monroe. Despite the difficulties of having a child, he and Marilyn still live together and tour together. They have children, but no grandchildren. They enjoy traveling together, playing basketball and have a huge collection of Elvis Presley memorabilia. Ernie Haase has also had a relationship with Notah Begay, who is a singer. He also has a son named Notah Begay.

When he was young, Ernie Haase grew up as a fan of The Cathedrals. He had the opportunity to meet bass singer George Younce. He was impressed by the way Ernie sounded, and offered him a spot in his band. Ernie accepted this offer, without realizing that it would change his life. He would later be the last tenor to sing with The Cathedrals. He later started his own group, Ernie Haase & Signature Sounds, and had his first song titled “Wake Up” released on the first episode of the television show Friday Night Sing.

He also had a relationship with Lisa’s daughter, Lisa Younce. When Ernie and Lisa first met, they were not dating. They courted for a few months. At the end of the day, they decided to marry. They are still married.

He was born in the city of Detroit, Michigan, on June 1950. His father is Ray Haase, and his mother is Ellen Haase. He has two brothers and a sister.