Emma Samms Net Worth – How Much Is Emma Samms Worth?

Despite her early fame as Holly Sutton Scorpio on “General Hospital”, Emma Samms was appointed as a Member of the Order of the British Empire for her service to seriously and terminally ill children. She also founded a charity, the Starlight Children’s Foundation, which provides funding for seriously ill children.

Samms was born in London on August 28, 1960. She was raised in a Jewish family and trained as a ballet dancer. She started acting in 1979 and became active in the entertainment industry, working on various television series and films. She has appeared on television shows such as “My Two Dads,” “Holby City,” “Doctors,” “Models Inc.,” and “Celebrity Scissorhands.” She also co-founded the Starlight Children’s Foundation.

After starring in several films that didn’t do well at the box office, Samms turned her attention to television acting. She was cast in the 1985 television movie “The Great Escape” as Ella Winstanley, a heroin addict. She continued to work in television, starring in a small role on the BBC daytime series “Doctors” in 2005. She was a presenter for the Daytime Emmy Awards on 28 April 2006.

Samms was married to John Holloway in 1996. They had two children together. They divorced in 2003. Samms then married Tim Dillon in 1994. The couple divorced one year later. She also married businessman Bansi Nagji in 1991.

Samms has been diagnosed with a mild form of Bell’s Palsy, which paralyzes her facial muscles. Her condition has been getting better and she has recently been posting updates on her social networking sites. She also revealed that she is planning to get married in the next few years. She also has a side business that involves taking photos of dogs. She has been known to post pictures of dogs on her Twitter account.

Samms is a British national. She was a ballet dancer at the Royal Ballet School. She had a hip injury at the age of 15 and stopped studying ballet to focus on acting. She went on to act on the television series Dynasty. She also appeared in the ’80s television series The Colbys. She was named as one of the best soap opera actresses of all time.

Samms has been in several relationships, including with Marvin Hamlisch and Tristan Rogers. She was engaged to Hamlisch in the early 1980s. They had a real life romance, but their relationship ended when she left General Hospital. Samms later married Tim Dillon in 1994 and married John Holloway in 1996. Their marriage lasted seven years.

Samms’ brother Jamie died from aplastic anemia at the age of nine. She founded the Starlight Children’s Foundation in memory of her brother. The charity helps seriously ill children cope with their illnesses. She has a net worth of $10 million. She was also appointed as a Member of the Order of British Empire in 2016.

Samms is currently a mother of two children. She is an artist and photographer. She has two dogs, Willis and Chester.