Emily Riedel Net Worth – Singer and Gold Miner

Despite being an opera singer, Emily Riedel is also a gold miner. She has earned her fortune through this career. As a result, her net worth is estimated to be around USD $500 thousand in 2021. She is currently residing in Nome, Alaska. She is the captain of the Eroica gold dredge. She is currently a part of the reality television show Bering Sea Gold, which airs on the Discovery Channel. She is also a member of the Bering Sea Gold board. She has been on the show since its first season.

Emily Riedel is a singer and television personality. She has appeared in several television series, including Larry King Now, The Insider and Varney & Company. She has also appeared in several variety shows. She has a Bachelor’s degree in music from the University of North Carolina. She has also been in the production of several music videos.

Emily Riedel grew up in Homer, Alaska and had an interest in music. She wanted to make it in the music industry when she was young. She hoped that she could earn money for college. But when she graduated, she was faced with the difficult task of finding a job. She worked as a deckhand on the The Clark, a ship owned by her friend, Zeke Tenhoff. She then decided to become a gold miner.

Emily Riedel moved to Nome, Alaska with her friend Zeke Tenhoff. They were friends from childhood. They often worked together. When Emily was looking for a job after graduation, she was approached by the crew of the mining outfit that was being featured on the Discovery Channel’s reality television series, Bering Sea Gold. Emily was offered a job and accepted. She worked as a deckhand on the ship for the first two seasons. She then bought Zeke’s dredge. After that, she became the captain of the Eroica. She is now one of the most successful female dredge owners in Nome. She owns a tattoo on her shoulder that shows her profession.

Emily Riedel’s father is Steve Riedel. She has a brother named Nate. Her father has appeared in a documentary on the series Bering Sea Gold. She was born in Homer, Alaska, and has an American nationality. She is also a member of the White ethnicity. She is single. Her father works in the fishing business.

She has worked on several television shows and has appeared in several episodes of Bering Sea Gold. Emily has also made several appearances in other television shows. She has spoken on various topics, such as life and her love for classical music. She also enjoys mountain biking, scuba diving and yoga. She hopes to inspire younger generations and break stereotypes.

Emily Riedel has been a part of the reality television series Bering Sea Gold since the first season. She is the first woman to own a vessel on the show. Her career on the show has been challenging for her, because of the lack of privacy. She expects her wealth to increase through her career on the show. She has also said that she was lucky to marry her partner, Alex. The two got engaged in 2021.