Emazinglights Net Worth

Founded by Brian Lim, Emazinglights is a gloving company that manufactures light show gloves and other glowing items. It has a yearly revenue of over $16 million and has gained over a million followers worldwide. The company’s products include gloves, poi, masks, orbits, light sticks, ePoi light-emitting devices and engineering glove sets. It has a goal to make $5 and a half million dollars in the next five years.

Emazinglights was launched in 2010 with $100 in Brian’s pocket. He wanted to give light shows at parties using LED gloves. He was able to get a license from MGM, which allowed him to sell his products at six MGM resorts in Las Vegas. He also started working full-time on his company, which expanded to 50 employees. In the last three years, Emazinglights has grown at a staggering 2281%.

Emazinglights is a California-based company that manufactures light show gloves. Its products range from entry-level gloves for $12 to premium gloves for $100. Emazinglights is also known for hosting Gloving competitions and workshops. The company has a mascot costume that Brian wears during the events. In addition, the company has an online super market that is dedicated to rave-related items.

The company has a variety of sources of income, including licensing deals, endorsements and selling its own products. In the past four years, the company has generated over thirteen million dollars. Currently, the company is on track to achieve its financial goals. In addition, Emazinglights has been listed on the Inc. magazine’s list of the fastest-growing companies. The company’s annual revenue is expected to exceed $20 million in 2022.

Emazinglights has achieved several prestigious accolades, including historic honors from different presidents. The company has gained popularity in the media and has a strong public following. The company has also gotten a lot of attention from investors and celebrities. The company has a Twitter account and an office phone number.

Emazinglights has achieved its financial targets in the last few days. The company has a revenue of over $16 million yearly, and its sales have grown by over a million dollars in the past three years. Mark Cuban has agreed to invest $650,000 in Emazinglights for 5% equity. In addition, the company has been given a license to perform in the Dallas Mavericks halftime shows. Mark Cuban also agreed to help with the company’s strategy.

Emazinglights has been working hard to gain public trust. In addition, the company has established an automated workflow to optimize margins. As a result, the company’s sales are expected to increase in the next few days. The company is also on course to achieve its $2.5 million target. In addition, it has a goal of acquiring five and a half million dollars in the next 5 years.

Emazinglights is known for its LED light gloves, which are available for purchase from twelve dollars for a basic pair to one hundred dollars for a premium pair. Emazinglights is also famous for its rave lights.