Elite Penguin Force Missions on Club Penguin

Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force for Nintendo DS offers players an interactive puzzle experience where they complete missions for the Penguin Secret Agency to earn coins for online penguins they control.

The game contains several unplayed cutscenes that can be seen through the debug menu, such as an early version of Protobot 3000’s cutscene.

Snow Trekker

Snow Trekker, designed and constructed by Gary, first appeared in the mission Super Secret Gadgets. Based on Snow Cats, its all-terrain travel capabilities were equipped by Gary himself; boat mode could also be added for water travel as well as growing a plow that can clear away obstacles like logs and snow drifts. Furthermore, there was even an “Sticky Cocoa Security System” installed that used cocoa as an antidote against attackers; making tracking them after escape easier.

After completing all Super Secret Gadget missions, the player meets Gary in his Gadget Room where he announces he wants them to test out his latest invention: Snow Trekker. Gary installs its activation key into your Spy Gadget before you embark on your field test drive of it over rugged terrain and long distances.

As they drive their Snow Trekker, players collect coins while striving to reach their target. By pressing buttons on their DS controller, players can switch between boat, plow, and regular modes and collect more coins; but colliding into obstacles will damage it! Furthermore, using the plow mode can destroy logs or snow drifts blocking its path; clearing away trees or debris that has collected on the roadside.

Through playing, players can unlock stickers for their Snow Trekker, such as EPF logo and agent’s name. There are also achievements available by collecting all stickers and fulfilling all achievement tasks.

After successfully completing their missions, Gary presents them with the Snow Trekker as a present for becoming a fully fledged E.P.F agent and they can proudly display it in their penguin home. Furthermore, this vehicle also appears as playable vehicle in Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force which was released alongside this mission.

Test Bots

Test Bots is the twelfth mission in the series and tasks the player with tracking down rogue Test Robots. After speaking to Dot at HQ and hearing that there is a Robot running around near Ski Village, Dot asks them if they are prepared to hunt it down and deactivate it.

The player then travels to Ski Village, where several penguins encircle a closed-off Ski Hill. Speaking with Dot there, they learn of another Test Robot seen there and that some agents suspect it may have dismantled a ski lift; Dot asks the player for help, to which the player agrees – Dot asks again but this time she asks whether you will help and they decide against helping her as Dot will say otherwise.

Dot provides the player with a Pro Board from her suitcase, and they set off downhill after Snow Bot and Jet Bot. At the bottom, they find out that these robots have stolen several skis as well as several coffee bags tied with balloons tied by balloons – only for these robots to then deactivate themselves once at the top of tallest mountain! Using different puffles will lead to different messages!

Rescue Rookie

Once players achieve 750 kills, they will unlock a mission to rescue Rookie. This space-based mission requires traveling to an allocated mission marker and helping Rookie repel a First Order ship with two TIE fighters. After successfully completing this mission, players will receive rewards such as Kyber Bricks and Admiral Ackbar himself!

Players can embark on this mission by traveling to Endor – Ewok Village, Crait – Niima Outpost or Jakku – Niima Outpost and reaching either of their bases. Once there, a Concerned Resistance Officer will inform them about an individual who was captured by the First Order and they must travel there immediately to interact with this rookie in order to complete this mission.

Players will need to follow a rookie who carries an important flash drive for Sidorovich, before she is eventually gunned down by First Order patrol and taken back up north east along the road side above Rookie Village by First Order forces. Once her body has been found and any information found, the mission can be concluded by returning to Concerned Resistance Officer for approval of your mission completion.