Elettra Lamborghini Net Worth

Despite having been famous as a Reality Star, Elettra Lamborghini is actually a famous model, singer and dancer. Currently, she has over 4.4 million followers on social media. She has participated in several TV shows such as British Geordie Show, Super Shore and Riccanza. She also appeared as music coach on the sixth season of The Voice of Italy.

Elettra Lamborghini was born in Italy. She is the granddaughter of Ferruccio Lamborghini, an Italian luxury sports car manufacturer. She has been involved in the Italian entertainment industry for many years. Currently, she is focusing on her singing career. She is considered to be the richest Reality Star in the world. She has an estimated net worth of $10 million.

Elettra Lamborghini was born on May 17, 1994 in Milan, Italy. She was raised in a loving family. Her father, Tonino Lamborghini, is an Italian luxury sports car manufacturer and her mother, Luisa Lamborghini, is a successful actress. She attended a private school. She is an avid fan of Italian culture.

Although, Elettra is not married yet, she has dated a number of people. She is currently dating Marty McKenna. Her relationship with Marty was confirmed by both of them posing for a picture together outside of House of Smith nightclub. However, the couple broke up and then rekindled their relationship in November 2016. She has also dated Gaz Beadle. She was previously dating Afrojack, a DJ and producer. He is considered to be the richest DJ in the world and earns a large sum of money from his career.

As a model and dancer, Elettra Lamborghini has a curvy body. She prefers not to reveal her personal life, but she has been photographed with a number of people. She is considered to be very attractive and hot. She has a lot of followers on social media and has a large bank balance. She has also appeared on the Spanish version of Geordie Shore.

Elettra Lamborghini is known as “The Italian Killer” on Super Shore. She has appeared in several reality TV shows, including Super Shore, Geordie Shore and British Geordie Show. She has dated several men including Afrojack, Gaz Beadle, and Marty McKenna. She prefers not to disclose her marital status. She has been photographed wearing a bikini and posing naked for a magazine.

Elettra Lamborghini has been involved in the Italian entertainment industry for a very long time. She is the granddaughter of Ferruccio and the only daughter of Tonino and Luisa Lamborghini. She has been a singer, dancer, and actress. She is currently the judge of the Italian show The Voice of Italy. She also has appeared in many TV shows and participated in panels.

Elettra Lamborghini’s net worth has been estimated to be $1 – $5 million. Her net worth has increased a lot since she became a reality star. She has earned huge popularity and has made a lot of money. She has been able to live a comfortable life with her husband and is very independent financially. She avoids being spoiled by her family. She has always been thankful for her good fortune.