Ed Hindson Net Worth

Evangelist and author Ed Hindson was a popular television host and the author of at least two dozen books. He was also an academic at Liberty University and the dean of its Institute of Bible Studies. His net worth, based on estimates, is estimated to be at least $2 million.

He had a number of degrees, including a D.Min from Westminster Theological Seminary and a DPhil from the University of South Africa. He is also a former professor at Liberty University’s Institute of Bible Studies and held a deanship at Liberty University’s School of Religion from 2013 to 2019.

He is a prolific writer, authoring a number of books and articles in addition to composing music. He is known for his work on the King James version of the Bible, as well as the King is coming telecast, a Bible prophecy based TV show he hosts.

The King is coming telecast has aired on DAYSTAR every Sunday at 11pm CST. Ed Hindson is a popular figure and a frequent speaker on prophecy and Christianity. He is a Baptist dispensationalist, and has traveled the world sharing his opinions on Christianity. He also has a storied career in religion, having been involved with the Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary in the early days. He returned to the seminary a few years later.

One of his more interesting achievements was a clever little device. This little device allowed him to communicate with the masses while he was in a hospital bed, albeit for a little while. In 2008, he had a very large heart artery blockage. While the blockage did not kill him, he did need to have a heart bypass, and was back in bed by March.

In the same year, he had an open-heart procedure. While the surgery went off without a hitch, it was not the easiest. In addition to the heart bypass, Hindson also had a number of other complications, including a staph infection at the incision site. While the surgery went well, he had to go through the hospital’s kidney dialysis program every day. He recovered, but his kidneys suffered damage.

While the small slap on the wrist was not quite as impressive as the bigger one, it is still a major accomplishment. Fortunately, it did the most important job. It is not an uncommon thing for someone to be in a hospital for more than a week. In fact, Hindson remained in the hospital for more than a hundred days in 2008. He had a heart attack on June 30 of that year, and he remained in the hospital for another six weeks. Ultimately, the open-heart surgery went a long way toward helping Hindson get back to his normal self. He is a very proud man and has not let this medical setback deter him from doing what he does best.

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