EBB For Xfinity

The EBB for Xfinity program offers discounts on internet services. However, this discount applies to internet service only, not to unlimited data plans, data overage charges, taxes, and non-Internet Xfinity products. Moreover, customers cannot get EBB-discounted devices. New Xfinity customers are not eligible to participate in this program. However, existing customers who are eligible for the program can take advantage of it.

To participate in the Xfinity EBB program, the customer must provide a valid identifier issued by the National Validator. This information is then verified by the National Verifier, which is administered by the Universal Administrative Service Association. Applicants must provide proof of US citizenship, proof of income and eligibility under other government assistance programs. Customers who are receiving Lifeline benefits are automatically eligible for the Xfinity Affordable Connection Program (Xfinity ACP).

Xfinity customers who transfer their number within 30 days will receive $300 off their new phone. Existing Xfinity customers who change their phones or upgrade their lines will receive a $300 Visa prepaid card. They will also receive a $25 credit if they transfer their number within 24 months. If they decide to transfer their number to another carrier, the credits will apply to that line. Additionally, Xfinity customers can receive a credit if they use more than 24 months of their phone payment plan.

To qualify for EBB, you must be at least eighteen years old or have been emancipated from your parents. Minors who are emancipated should submit a court document verifying their emancipation. Applicants can take a picture of these documents or make copies. They must be legible and not blurry or dark. Do not send the original documents. This will delay processing.