Dylan Eakin Net Worth

Known for his charcoal and graphite drawings, Dylan Eakin is an aspiring hyperrealist who is currently based out of Seattle, Washington. His work is so awe-inspiring that it is hard to believe that he is only twenty-something. He has an impressive following on the internet. His oeuvre also stands in good company with a recent award in the figurative art category.

The most important question is, how much are these snazzy looking portraits worth? The answer is quite simple: they can be had for a price. It takes about eight hours to render a masterpiece, but a bespoke piece of fine art can fetch a cool six figures. The art scene in Seattle is quite a swell place to be, and Eakin cites a handful of notable figures among his peers. As a self-described art nerd, Eakin is no stranger to the art world. He also takes his craft seriously, and credits Eloy Morales for the translation. As a testament to Eakin’s dedication to the art of visual expression, he has a large and dedicated following on social media. In addition to his Instagram and Twitter accounts, Eakin has a number of galleries in which to display his wares, including the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of American History.

One of the most impressive aspects of Dylan Eakin’s work is its timelessness. His latest piece, Nothing But a Foundation, is a testament to this. In fact, he is such a fan of his own work that he has a whole website dedicated to his oeuvre, and a collection of time-lapse videos of his creations. The most impressive of these is a self-explanatory video that takes you through the process of a modern day portrait, with all the details you can imagine.

Aside from his oeuvre’s impressive track record, Eakin is a genuinely nice guy and is quite socially savvy. In addition to his online presence, he holds a large and devoted following on social media, and is often seen at local shindigs. In the past, he has been a student at the University of the Ozarks, where he won the figurative art award for his work.