Dwana Pusser Net Worth

Dwana Pusser is a former actress and author who was born in 1961 in Chicago, Illinois. Her first film role was in the 1977 action-crime drama “Final Chapter: Walking Tall”. She was married to actor Michael Caine, but they divorced in 2011. She is now a widow and has a net worth estimated at $17 million.

Pusser died in Tennessee on Wednesday. She had been working on a museum about her father, which was opening in her childhood home. The museum includes the room where she was born and raised. Her father had died in 1974. She had brought some of his memorabilia from her childhood home. She also intended to sign a book about her father. Pusser liked to sign books with Sharpie pens.

After his discharge from the army, Pusser joined the police. She was inspired by her father, who had served as police chief in Adamsville, Tennessee. She was a police chief for two years, and then a constable. In 1964, she was elected as sheriff of McNairy County, Tennessee after her predecessor, James Dickey, died in a car accident. During her tenure as sheriff, she investigated crimes such as lunar abandonment and human, drug, and arms trafficking. In addition to battling organized crime, she also served as a county court judge.

Pusser did not want to be famous. In fact, she never thought she would become a celebrity. Her father was a police chief in Adamsville, and he ran for sheriff in 1962. His initial intention was to clean up the area, which was plagued by organized crime.

Pusser also faced a number of attacks from the local mob. Several hitmen tried to kill her, but she survived. Eventually, she was considered a local hero. In 1967, he lost his wife, Pauline, to an unintended hit. Although he didn’t intend to kill her, he was still deeply hurt by Pauline’s death.