Dralin Carswell Net Worth – How Much Does Dralin Carswell Earn?

Despite being a college student, Dralin Carswell is a celebrity. His relationship with Alana Thompson, who is also known as Honey Boo Boo, gained attention when they appeared together on Toddlers & Tiaras. They have been in a relationship for over a year. Carswell is 20 years old while Honey Boo Boo is 16. The age difference between the two was also a subject of controversy.

Although Dralin Carswell was not the victim of a rape, he was charged with statutory r*pe on May 29. This was the first time he was in trouble with the law. He agreed to undergo drug and alcohol screens and attend a moral reconation class. He also agreed to have no contact with the victim and agree to a program of treatment for his addiction.

Dralin Carswell grew up in Irwinton, Georgia. He was born on April 1, 2002. He studied at Wilkinson County High School and then went to Lincoln College of Technology in Nashville. He graduated from the school in 2011. He is also a member of the Afro-American community. He has a family that includes his mother Erica Carswell, brother Trizzy Trell, and grandmother Lauryn “Pumpkin” Efrid.

Dralin Carswell and Alana Thompson have been dating for almost a year and a half. They first began dating in April 2021. However, they were forced to remove a photo of them together from their Instagram accounts after outrage over their age difference. Nevertheless, their family has supported their relationship.

Alana Thompson, who is the daughter of Mama June and the legal guardian of her sister Lauryn “Pumpkin” Shannon, has gained popularity through her films and television shows. She first appeared on TLC’s Toddlers and Tiaras when she was seven years old. She also appeared in Here Comes Honey Boo Boo: The Lost Episodes and Mama June: From Not to Hot. She has a social media following of over one million. Despite the controversy that surrounded her relationship with Carswell, Thompson has remained incredibly confident and focused on her own appearance.

Dralin Carswell is 5 feet five inches tall and weighs 70 kilograms. He has black hair and brown eyes. He is an American citizen. He is a school scholar and has an interest in cars. He has a Camaro that he occasionally lets Alana drive. He is also completing an online course.

Dralin Carswell was born in the United States and grew up in Irwinton, GA. He is currently living in Mclntyre, GA. He attended Wilkinson County High School and has been a member of the Afro-American family since his childhood. He has a Camaro, a Camaro Z28, and a Chevy Trailblazer. He is currently saving for a Jeep.

He is a college student and has not revealed his profession. He has also not revealed his net worth. He has over 1300 followers on Instagram. He has not given any information on his family. However, his mother has been married for thirteen years.