Dr John Delony Net Worth

Having worked in a variety of industries, Dr. John Delony has amassed a fairly decent fortune over his years of work. He currently serves as associate academic dean of student life at Texas Tech University School of Law. In addition to this, he is also a best-selling author and mental health expert. He holds two PhDs, including a master’s in higher education administration from Texas Tech University.

He also teaches about mental health, relationships and business. He is known for his wit and wisdom, as well as his ability to get to the heart of what matters most to people. He has written a number of books, most notably Own Your Past, Change Your Future: The Practical Guide to Becoming Happier, Smarter, and More Successful, which will be released on April 19, 2022. He has also authored several articles about personal improvement. He is also a certified level one Civil Rights Investigator.

He earned a bachelor’s degree in humanities/psychology from Lubbock Christian University. He went on to earn his doctorate in higher education administration from Texas Tech. After finishing his doctorate, he jumped into the field of counseling, which he has been practicing for over two decades. He has been a consultant for numerous institutions and served on various committees. He is also certified in the Behavioral Intervention Team Best Practice and Critical Incident Stress Management. He is currently completing his dissertation on a second doctorate in counselor education.

He is also a bestselling author, and his most recent book, Own Your Past, Change Your Future: The Simple Guide to Becoming Happier, Smarter, And More Successful, is the book that he has been most proud of. In addition to his writing career, he also hosts a television show on the American Broadcasting Company (ABC) called The Dr. John Delony Show. In this show, he helps his viewers deal with a wide range of issues, from surviving a failed relationship to handling anxiety. He also offers advice on how to overcome the signs of depression. He also provides tips on dealing with the big bad world of dating. He is currently married to Sheila, and the two have two kids.

While he may not have the largest net worth, he is considered to be a bona fide guru of the mental health and wellness fields. He has two PhDs, one in psychology and one in higher education administration, and he is an accomplished author. He has a number of popular articles about personal improvement and a number of other bestselling books. He is also a member of the Ramsey Solutions family, and has been with them since 2020. He has a decent net worth, as he makes $60,108 per year.

He has done the most with the least amount of effort. It’s no secret that he has been in the field of crisis response for many years. He was recognized for his work on several occasions, and he has received numerous awards.