Don LaFontaine Net Worth

During his long career, Don LaFontaine was a successful voice actor, singer, and film producer. He recorded hundreds of thousands of television advertisements, video game trailers, and network promotions, and worked in nearly 5,000 film and television productions. His most famous achievement was being the only actor to be credited with the phrase “The Voice of God”. During his lifetime, he had a huge net worth. His estimated net worth was over 80 million dollars, which is a relatively high figure considering his age.

Don LaFontaine was born in Duluth, Minnesota on August 26, 1940. He was raised by his parents Alfred and Ruby LaFontaine. After graduating from Duluth Central High School, he joined the United States Army. He was enlisted in the Army Band and worked as a recording engineer. He became very close with fellow actor Howland Chamberlain, who is known for being a major producer in the 1960s. After a short stint in the military, he returned to work as a recording engineer. He went on to become the head of his own production company, Don LaFontaine Associates. He later branched into other industries, such as being the voice of several lottery games and lending his voice to various television programs.

While Don LaFontaine was a well-known voice actor and singer, he was also one of the most successful movie trailer artists in the business. He lent his voice to more than 5000 film and television productions, including: ‘Batman Returns,’ ‘Shrek,’ ‘Friday the 13th,’ ‘The Terminator 2: Judgment Day,’ ‘Mega Millions,’ and ‘Ghostbusters.’ He starred in over 35 promotional productions per day in Los Angeles. He was married to Joan Studva from 1967 until 1988, and later married Nita Whitaker in 1989. He is the father of four children. He has an extensive network of friends and associates.

While Don LaFontaine was known as the “Voice of God,” he is also credited with being the voice of more than 5,000 video game and movie trailers. He was also a very effective television ad and radio ad actor, with over a thousand advertisements. His work also earned him the title of the “Voice of America,” as he was paid by the U.S. Army for his work. He was paid in excess of $1 million a year.

In addition to being a successful voice actor and singer, Don LaFontaine had a colossal net worth. His estimated net worth was over $80 million at the time of his death in 2008. He had a great deal of success in the business, and his net worth increased significantly after his work on the movie trailer for ‘The Godfather, Part II’. He had an estimated net worth of $80 million by the time he died, making him one of the wealthiest celebrities in the world. His estimated net worth was provided by several online sources, and updated on a regular basis. He was a Virgo, with a height of 5 feet 8 inches.