Doink the Clown Net Worth

Initially Doink was just a wrestling villain, but he began playing tricks on wrestlers and fans. His costume eventually evolved into a clown costume, and he became a popular comedy character in WWE. He is also a playable character in Midway’s WWF WrestleMania arcade game, as well as Acclaim’s 1994 video game, WWF Raw.

Doink was introduced to World Wrestling Federation (now WWE) in 1992. The first wrestler to portray Doink was Matt Osborne. However, he was fired in 1996 for drug offenses. He then wrestled on the independent circuit, and later returned to the WWE after a brief stint on the independent circuit. The character was also played by Dusty Wolfe. However, he left WWE in 1993, and the character continued to be portrayed by Wolfe on the independent circuit through the early 2000s.

Steve Keirn was also a part of Borne’s original Doink. In NWA, Keirn was a tag team specialist. He also worked as a member of Stan Lane’s team. Occasionally, Keirn would assume the role on the independent circuit. He also worked for Smoky Mountain Wrestling.

Ace Darling was another wrestler who portrayed Doink on the independent circuit. He also made jobber appearances for WWE. He also wrestled for the Northeastern US indies. In the early 1990s, he appeared in shows co-promoted by Smoky Mountain Wrestling. He also appeared in the Young Lion Cup competition in March 1994.

Doink also appeared in the Gimmick Battle Royale at ‘Mania 7, as well as a 15th Anniversary Royal Rumble in 2007. He also made appearances in several versions of the WWF Raw video game, as well as in the WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2009 arcade game.

Doink the Clown is now played by various wrestlers on the independent circuit. He is also a playable character on Midway’s WWF WrestleMania Wrestling Arcade Game, which was released in June of 2022. His character is also a DLC character in the WWE 2K22 arcade game, released June of 2022.

Doink’s career net worth is unknown. Whether it’s $1 million or less, it’s likely he’s one of the highest paid professional wrestlers. The average professional wrestler earns almost $500 thousand a year. However, the salary of a professional wrestler depends on their rank, experience, and affiliation. In addition, wrestlers can earn money by appearing on television shows, playing arcade games, and performing on stage.

Doink’s family includes his son Matt Wade Osborne. Osborne was born in Portland, Oregon. He started wrestling on the independent circuit in 1978. He was a part of the group “The Fabulous Ones.” After Osborne left the WWE in 1996, his son Matt Wade Osborne began wrestling on the independent circuit. He was the first wrestler to enter the ring with circus music.

Doink’s career net worth has also been estimated at $8 million. His character is played in Midway’s WWF WrestleMania Arcade Game, which was released in June 28th, 2022. He also appeared in several versions of the WWE Raw video game, as well as in the 2020 arcade game WWE 2K Battlegrounds.