Does Yahoo Answers Still Exist?

Does Yahoo Answers Still Exist?

The site started back in 2005 and quickly became one of the most popular question and answer sites on the internet. During its 16-year run, users asked and answered a slew of questions, ranging from the mundane (“Can wall tiles be used on floors?”) to the philosophical (What is the true meaning of life?)

After years of declining popularity, Yahoo is finally shutting down the site. The news came out on Monday, with a terse statement from the company’s owner Verizon that the website will “end its life cycle” in May.


Many reasons could be cited for the decline of the website, but in general, it’s easy to trace its demise to changes in how people use the internet. In particular, social media services like Twitter and Instagram sucked up a huge amount of traffic from Yahoo Answers, as well as other question and answer websites.

In addition, the rise of websites like Reddit and Quora eroded the usefulness of Yahoo Answers as a destination for a wide range of questions. These sites offered quality answers that were more likely to be useful than the unusable conspiracy theories and nonsensical information that plagued Yahoo Answers.

A lot of that problem can be blamed on mismanagement, but it’s also been a factor in a broader shift in how people use the web. The influx of social media and new forms of information and communication on the Internet shifted how people think about search. In the end, it was a combination of these factors that doomed Yahoo Answers and helped to put an end to its reign as the biggest question and answer site on the internet.

The website was also known for its points system, which gave users a reward for answering questions. These points were weighted to limit spam and were also rewarded for providing a “Best Answer,” which was selected by the asker of the question. The site also had a system of levels, which gave access to more features, such as the ability to upload an avatar, which could replace the default Yahoo logo.

However, the points system did come with some downsides. For example, people who had high levels were likely to be active on the site and therefore more likely to post low-quality content. In addition, users who had low levels were more likely to be targeted by bots, who would then flood the forum with spam.

Ultimately, the decline of Yahoo Answers was a result of a larger issue that plagued the entire company. Its mismanagement of its acquisitions, such as Flickr and Tumblr, and a failure to properly respond to fundamental changes in how people were using search doomed the website.

The fact that Yahoo Answers is going down is a sad reminder of how the Internet has changed in recent years. The internet is no longer a single large community, but instead a vast swarm of networks, each with their own unique rules and values. The resulting polarization has made Yahoo Answers an ill-suited destination for many kinds of questions and answers. And that’s something we should all take note of.