Does Xbox One S Need Kinect Adapter 2?

Microsoft took a risk by investing heavily in Kinect, only for it to ultimately fail. Although support for it has since been discontinued by Microsoft, second-hand units still function for gaming and Cortana voice command use.

To connect the adapter to your console, insert the round connector from your power supply into one of the ports on Kinect sensor hub. Next, plug the USB cable into a port on either Xbox One S or One X console.

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Voice control

Voice commands offer an easy and straightforward solution for video game playback or avoiding accidental button presses on controllers, eliminating accidental button hits altogether. While you could use Xbox One’s standard command set (opens in new tab), digital assistants like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant offer much greater functionality by controlling console features with voice control while accessing apps and games directly through them.

Microsoft’s Cortana, which replaced Kinect in 2017, also works on Xbox One S consoles, offering you the same vertical user interface seen on Windows 10 devices and with which you can toggle off/on for optimal sound quality or to prevent other gamers from hearing your mumbling or swearing.

Microsoft no longer includes the Kinect sensor with Xbox One bundles as of 2018, yet you can still connect your Kinect sensor using an adapter plugged into one port on its hub for use with Xbox One S consoles.

Once your adapter is connected to your console, voice command technology allows you to use voice-driven technology for playing games, browsing stores and more. While playing a game, voice-command technology also lets you give specific instructions such as starting or stopping it.

Cortana allows you to pose general knowledge questions while the microphone helps search music and movies. Xbox One S can even recognize facial features for log-in purposes while Kinect can help facilitate workouts through Xbox Fitness.

Though Microsoft no longer produces Kinect or adapters, you can still purchase both online. Plus, you may qualify for a complimentary Kinect adapter by registering your Xbox One S console and Kinect sensor online through Xbox Guide > Settings > All settings > Kinect & devices and selecting Kinect sensor as soon as your register them! Once done you can contact Microsoft support and request one.


Cortana is Microsoft’s voice-controlled digital assistant designed to work with its products such as Xbox One. Named after one of the fictional characters from their Halo video game series, this virtual personal assistant and search engine serves as both personal assistant and search engine – answering queries, providing directions, performing other tasks and controlling media, apps and games remotely.

For Cortana to work properly, connect the Kinect sensor and adapter, plugging its USB cable into the Kinect hub on the back of your console. Once this step has been completed, your console is ready for setup; navigate to Guide > System and then All settings > Kinect and devices on your console to complete this step.

Cortana can also be accessed via controller by pressing its button. Pressing it will bring up a small menu with different commands; select your option then use keyboard commands to customize them if necessary. Cortana offers many capabilities; discover what they all are!

Microsoft made Kinect an essential accessory when they released Xbox One, yet over time the company began downplaying it as developers no longer required it. Because of this, Kinect has since become something of an orphan and there are only a handful of new games that rely on it – however you can still buy cheap copies on eBay or Amazon.

Microsoft will soon start selling Xbox Ones without a Kinect sensor for $399, bringing more competition with Sony’s PlayStation 4. While Microsoft has yet to announce an alternative device like Orbbec Persee for use with this move, this would ensure more compelling value proposition for customers.

To obtain a complimentary Kinect adapter, it is necessary to first register both your Xbox One and sensor with Microsoft’s online support site. After doing so, contact an Xbox support representative in order to request this free accessory – they may request serial numbers of both your Xbox One and sensor during this call so be prepared when calling!


Microsoft promoted Kinect as an essential Xbox One accessory, yet ultimately fell short of meeting expectations. The device wasn’t as accurate or robust as promised and quickly lost its novelty for many gamers. Nonetheless, there are ways you can still leverage your Kinect experience even without physical sensor.

Cortana, Xbox One’s built-in voice assistant, provides an effortless way of using your console without Kinect. Cortana can do many things for you such as navigating its dashboard, controlling media and searching for games and content – it even lets you play some first-party Kinect titles that have been re-released with traditional controls!

However, if you wish to use Kinect for other tasks, an adapter is required. This accessory offers features such as advanced skeletal tracking and noise isolation as well as 1080p HD camera capture and publishing custom solutions and experiences on Windows Store. Furthermore, its mini design makes it quick and simple to set up.

At present, the Kinect is only compatible with three models of Xbox One consoles – original Xbox One, Xbox One S and Xbox One X. Microsoft does not plan to offer new sensor or adapter products compatible with these models – users looking to connect existing sensors will have to purchase third-party solutions in order to connect their sensors to them.

To use Kinect with Xbox One, a special adapter must first be purchased – Microsoft no longer manufactures this adapter but you can find similar ones through retailers such as Amazon or Best Buy.

Microsoft recommends that the Kinect Adapter should only be used with PCs running Windows 7, 8, or 10 and using its official driver for Kinect for Windows from their official website – it provides maximum stability and compatibility across PCs and operating systems that support Kinect for Windows. This driver is free and offers maximum stability and compatibility.


At its launch in 2013, Microsoft promoted the Kinect sensor as an essential piece of hardware. Since then, however, Microsoft has gradually moved away from touting this device as such an integral part of the Xbox experience. Indeed, their latest console release, Xbox One S does not even include an adapter specifically designated to connect sensors to it – users will instead require separate adapters in order to use one with their consoles.

Microsoft has signaled its distain for Kinect with this move. No longer promoting it as part of Xbox platform, and even disabling remote Kinect control of console. While certain games such as XBox Fitness still utilize it for controlling console remotely, Microsoft no longer actively develops or promotes this technology.

However, many still use the Kinect sensor with their consoles to play some of the more popular Kinect games. These involve physical movement and interaction that benefits from having a motion-reading camera to provide more accurate results. These games can help get people moving while providing hours of entertainment both adults and children can enjoy!

Microsoft has made clear its intentions regarding Kinect with their release of Xbox One S, as it doesn’t come equipped with an exclusive Kinect port. Given that current Xbox models and Project Scorpio already feature an IR blaster as well as voice support via headsets with Cortana voice assistance features, Kinect no longer serves any significant function for most Xbox users.

Microsoft is expected to introduce an adapter that will allow gamers to keep using their Kinect sensors with the Xbox One S. This adapter should work similarly to existing IR Blaster adapters, making it easy to find online. Unfortunately, its price may be significantly higher; thus making this accessory unworthy for those without dedicated IR blasters on their console.