Does WD 40 Clean Alloy Wheels 6?

The wheels on your car are exposed to a lot of dirt and grime. They have to deal with the usual mud, sludge and grit that get thrown at them on every drive but they are also often faced with brake dust and tar, both of which are extremely hard to remove with just water and soap. As a result, cleaning your wheels and rims can be a messy and time-consuming task. But what if you could clean your alloy wheels with just some basic household products? That’s what we are going to look at in this article. We are going to find out does wd 40 clean alloy wheels, as well as how to do it and some other handy tips for keeping your car’s rims looking their best.

First of all, you should start by making sure that your alloy wheels are dry. It is recommended that you do this before using any sort of cleaning product, and this step will make it much easier for the WD-40 to do its work on your wheels. Once your wheels are dry, spray a liberal amount of WD-40 onto a premium microfibre cloth and rub it over the wheels. Allow the WD-40 to sit on the wheels for around two minutes so that it has the time to soak into the caked in dirt and grime.

When the time comes to wipe the WD-40 off your wheels, do so carefully. You want to avoid any excess which may damage the paint on your car’s rims. Once you’ve wiped the majority of the WD-40 off, you can rinse it off thoroughly with some clean running water. You should do this as WD-40 collects dirt and can leave streaks behind, so thoroughly rinsing will eliminate any left over WD-40 and help your wheels to shine brightly once again.

Once your wheels are clean and free from any traces of grease or oil, you can now give them a nice coat of car wax. This will protect them from the elements, and keep them in good condition for a longer period of time.

Alloy wheels are an excellent choice for your vehicle as they not only look great but they can improve the handling and performance of your car too. However, as a result of everyday driving, they can become coated in a layer of dirt and grime which is nearly impossible to remove with just soap and water alone. This is why many people turn to WD-40 for help cleaning their alloy wheels and rims.

Using a few simple household items, you can clean your alloy wheels and rims so they’re as good as new in no time. Just make sure you take care not to get any WD-40 on your brake pads, as this can damage them and undermine the effectiveness of your brakes. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your can of WD-40 and let’s get started! If you’re a fan of this article, why not share it with your friends on social media?