Does Autozone Install Car Alarms?

If you’re in the market for a new car alarm, or just want to keep your current one working like-new, AutoZone is the place to go. They carry quality aftermarket products and offer a same-day store pick up option so you can get your part today. Plus, you’ll find the AutoZone Advantage program where members can save on every visit and earn valuable rewards.

The good news is that car alarms do reduce theft rates. But the bad news is that they’re infamous for going off with the slightest provocation-rumbling trash trucks, too-close door openings, system malfunctions, you name it. And because over 99% of these false alarms never result in bystanders calling the police, it may seem as if they’re worthless.

But don’t give up on them yet! First, check the sensitivity of your alarm sensors. If the siren and parking lights are triggered randomly, your alarm sensor may need to be adjusted. You can usually do this by removing the alarm from the vehicle and manually shaking it. If the siren goes off, you’ll hear a beep and a vibration, or if your system is connected to your smartphone via an app, it will notify you.

Another possibility is that your battery is low. After running your car all day the battery may be at its lowest point at night, triggering the alarm without leaving any evidence of tampering. Or, if you park your car outside at night, pesky nocturnal critters like cats and raccoons may be using it as their late-night perch or napping spot. If you suspect this is the issue, try setting up a security camera near your car and checking the footage for evidence of nocturnal tampering.

Finally, if your car alarm is draining your battery, it may be time to replace it. The AutoZone Advantage Program offers an excellent warranty and replacement policy, so you can feel confident that your new or used security product will be protected.