Does a Pillow Count As a Carry on?

If you’re thinking about packing a pillow on your next trip, it’s important to understand whether it counts as a carry on or not. Some airlines consider pillows to be a personal item, so you may not be allowed to bring it onto the plane if you’re travelling with a standard-sized bag.

The airline rules for bringing a pillow on a flight vary from one airline to another, so it’s important to check with your airline before you travel. Most will allow you to take a pillow as hand luggage on board if it doesn’t fit in your checked bag.

Pillows are allowed on most airlines so long as they’re within the standard dimensions that airlines require for a carry on bag (18″ x 14″ x 8″). This is the average size of a standard pillow and it should be large enough to be stored under your seat.

Many travelers will use a pillow to pack extra clothes into their carry on bags when they don’t have the space in their checked luggage. This is a great way to save money at the check-in desk and avoid paying a fee to check your bag.

Depending on your personal preference, you can also use a pillow to keep a book or other object securely in place. However, be aware that this type of item will undergo screening at security checkpoints so make sure you have everything you need to pass the inspection before your flight.

If you’re traveling with a standard-sized pillow, it may be difficult to store in your carry on bag. It will take up too much space and could cause other passengers to complain if it’s invading their personal area.

This problem can be solved by packing a smaller, travel-sized pillow in your carry on. Most smaller feather pillows are perfectly sized for this purpose and will provide you with all the comfort you need while on the road.

Some airlines will offer a free pillow on international flights, but these are generally thin and not that comfortable. You can buy a pillow from the airline before you travel or ask a friendly flight attendant for one on the plane.

A TikTok user named Anya Iakovlieva shared a video of her tricking her way through airport security and getting through the TSA by stuffing a pillowcase with clothes to provide added cushioning. Iakovlieva said that she has done this seven times and it’s “the best travel hack ever” (in her words)

It’s a good idea to read up on your airline’s policies before you board the plane. Several popular US airlines have varying rules regarding this.

Most airlines limit passengers to one personal item and a carry-on bag that fits within their standard dimensions. If your pillow exceeds this size, it will need to be checked as baggage or you’ll be charged a fee to add it to your bag.

Some airlines do not charge for the pillow, but it’s worth noting that most of them will still have to go through security and x-raying before you get on the plane. If you’re worried about this, you can always try a pillow that is sealed in plastic or is made specifically for air travel. This will ensure that it’s clean and sanitary for you to use on your flight.