Do You Sit in Front Or Back of Lyft?

When an Uber or Lyft rolls up to the curb, it’s second nature for most passengers to hop in the back seat. But concerns about cleanliness and the dangers of sitting in the back could have you rethinking your ride-hailing habits.

In a car, your safety is the top priority for both drivers and passengers. That’s why it’s important to know the rules about do you sit in front or back of lyft, so everyone stays safe and happy during the ride.

First, make sure you have the latest version of the Lyft app on your phone. The app is like a one-stop shop for the entire ride-sharing process, from requesting a ride to paying your driver at the end of the trip. Payment happens seamlessly through the app and you can even leave a tip for your driver if you liked your experience.

When you’re ready to request a ride, the Lyft app shows you the cost of the trip before you confirm your reservation. Your total includes a base rate, plus charges per mile and time. You can also select a pickup or drop-off point that will result in a specific price. In addition, you can view whether your ride is subject to “Prime Time” during peak rush hours, when a percentage of the ride cost is added to the base rate to encourage drivers to get on the road.

After your ride, you’ll be charged to the credit or debit card on file. You can also leave a tip for your driver within the app if you enjoyed your ride and thought they were friendly and professional. Keep in mind that it’s customary to tip between 10% and 20% of the total ride price.

Once you’re in the car, be polite and keep the noise level low. You don’t want to annoy your driver. In general, don’t eat or drink anything in the vehicle. It’s also not a good idea to place children in the front seat of the vehicle, even if you have a car seat. The airbags in the front seat are designed for adults and can seriously injure or kill children, no matter how securely they’re strapped in.

Your driver will see your first name and profile image, along with the contact information on your Lyft account. You can also choose to add other details to your profile, such as your hometown, favorite music, or other personal information, but only if you’re comfortable doing so.

When your ride ends, you’ll have the opportunity to rate your driver on a scale of 1-5 stars and write a comment. Remember, your rating can affect whether you get matched with the same driver again, so be kind and respectful. If you feel you were treated unfairly or received poor service, you can ask to have your ride rerated. But if you get three or more bad ratings, you’ll be banned from Lyft.