Do My Scuba Certifications Expire?

Do your scuba certifications expire?

As a scuba diver, you want to continue diving and exploring the amazing world beneath the waves. Your dive certificate is your proof of completing training and you should maintain it to ensure you remain a safe and responsible underwater explorer.

Scuba certifications do not expire, however divers should dive regularly to maintain their skill and knowledge levels, so that they stay current on the latest safety and dive technology. This will help to keep your confidence high, and you’ll have more fun out on the water!

What do dive shops do when I haven’t dived in a long time?

If you haven’t dived for a while, most dive centers will ask you to do a scuba refresher course before taking you on a dive. This is usually a short, in-water course where you will review your dive theory and practice your skills. It is recommended to do a refresher course at least 6 months after you haven’t dived as this will help to ensure that you are comfortable with the new equipment and techniques you have been taught.

How long does my PADI certification last?

No matter what agency you are certified with, your PADI certification does not actually expire. Instead, it is highly recommended that you re-train via the PADI ReActivate(tm) program as it’s a quick and easy way to refresh your foundational scuba safety knowledge and skills. After completing both the knowledge and in-water skill refresher you will receive a replacement certification card with a ReActivated date, enabling dive centres to see when you last refreshed your skills.

Do dive master and instructor certifications expire?

Professional Scuba Certifications such as Dive Master or Instructor do expire if you do not continue practicing in teaching status for a period of time. Many agencies have a set expiration date for these qualifications, while others such as PADI will consider each case on an individual basis.

Do I have to re-register for PADI eLearning?

Your eLearning program is valid for 12 months from the date you first log on. You’ll receive an email reminder at 90 days and again 60 days before the program expires. You can update your profile and download any reactivation materials at that point.

Can I purchase a PADI Gift Pass?

You can buy a PADI eLearning Gift Pass online as a gift for friends and family members. The recipient can then access the eLearning course directly on their computer or mobile device and complete all of the eLearning tasks required for their certificate at their leisure.

What are the benefits of using a physical PADI card?

A physical card is useful if you’re travelling to a remote area where internet connectivity can be spotty. Alternatively, if you’re travelling with your own phone, you can download an electronic version of the card (known as an e-card) and have it with you at all times.

Can I use my PADI eLearning Gift Pass to book dives?