Devon Larratt Net Worth

Known for his arm wrestling skills, Devon Larratt is a Canadian professional arm wrestler. He was born on April 24, 1975 in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. He is one of the best arm wrestlers in North America. Larratt is currently a member of the World Arm Wrestling League (WAL). He also has a YouTube channel that has more than 200,000 subscribers and more than 420,000 views. Larratt is known for his good character and honorable behavior. He has three children with his wife Jodi. Larratt is a former member of the Canadian Special Forces Command. He served for 16 years. Larratt is considered to be one of the greatest arm wrestlers of all time.

Devon Larratt started his career as a professional arm wrestler when he was twenty one years old. He primarily competed in WAL and mltaru. He also appeared in TV deals with ESPN. He has won several arm wrestling awards, including a gold medal for his bronze World Arm-Wrestling Federation (WAF) title in Japan, and a national champ award from the Canadian government. He has also received the Master of the Universe award. Larratt has defeated men much larger than himself. He is currently ranked number one in the heavyweight category of the WAL.

Larratt has won several arm wrestling titles throughout his career, including the WAL Heavyweight Championship, a World Arm Wrestling Federation (WAF) bronze medal, the WAL Left and Right Arm Heavyweight Championship, and the WAL National Champ Award. He also has a number of endorsements including CrossFit, The Beard Struggle, and Rogue. He has fought in several charity matches and has been involved with many sports teams. In 2006, Larratt created his own YouTube channel. He has 121 million views on the channel and has earned over $250K from it. He has also earned $75,000 in tournament prizes. Larratt intends to compete for the legacy hammer in 2022. He has also been active in defending his title since 2017.

Devon Larratt has earned a significant amount of money through arm wrestling competitions. He has won five national champ awards and one master of the universe award. In 2008, Larratt gained fame and gained world recognition. He has fought in several charity matches, including one against “The Mountain” Bjornsson. He has also endorsed several products, including CrossFit, The Beard Struggle, Rogue, and others. He has appeared in TikTok videos and has been endorsed by several other popular personalities. He has been married to Jodi Larratt since 2003.

Devon Larratt’s net worth is estimated at approximately $300,000. His net worth is estimated to increase to $5 million by 2022. He also has an estimated income of approximately $176,000 a year. He makes a profit from his Arm Wrestling career, earning money through YouTube videos, seminars, and other Arm Wrestling events. Larratt’s personal life is mostly kept out of the public spotlight. He has three children with his wife, Jodi Larratt. He is married to a former arm wrestler, Jodi Larratt.