DeltaRune Incorrect Quotes

deltarune incorrect quotes

Have you ever come across incorrect Deltarune quotes? They can be very common, but it’s important to know how to differentiate False and Untrue quotes from the real ones. Let’s look at some examples to help you determine the truthfulness or falsity of various statements. Here are some of the most common examples:


There are a few false Deltarune quotes floating around the internet. Some are purely for the sake of snark or irony. Others are genuinely interesting. For instance, “Your heart is your SOUL”, by Ralsei, is a rather odd one. She knows that her heart is her SOUL, but she’s also aware that the world she lives in is only a simulation. She also knows a lot more about the game’s mechanics than the tutorial puzzle guys do.


In the DeltaRune comic, Kris is dressed in the Dark World, holding a sword, and Gaster is seated behind them. He says, “I have been waiting for you. Kris,” but the actual speech is all caps. A Wingding translation is faintly superimposed over the speech.