Delta Rune Broken Key B

The broken key b is found in the bake sale warp door. It is also found in the seam’s shop. The key fragment is given by a strange prisoner. You can talk to this prisoner to get this item. You can then use it to unlock the door to Jevil’s cell in Card Castle.

The Broken Key B is located in the Forest area. You need to use the secret passage in the lower right corner of the screen to get there. Once you have the key, enter it into the hidden passage. The broken key b is a very useful item for the game, and it is important to have it. It is one of the most important keys you will ever need to collect!

Fortunately, this game also has an additional trainer that helps you beat the boss. You can use this key to reach the secret boss. To find this key, head to the Card Castle. Once you’re inside, look for a room titled “??????”. You’ll need to get all three keys to defeat Jevil.

Broken Key B is located southwest of the Scissor Dancers area. A black path will take you there. Once you find it, continue on to the next area. You’ll be glad you did! The final area will be a bit tough to get to, but it’s well worth the effort!