Delta Dust Vs D-Fense Dust

If you are looking for a good insecticide dust, then you might be wondering if you should choose Delta Dust or D-Fense Dust. While both dusts are effective in a variety of situations, there are some differences between the two. First of all, Delta Dust is water-resistant. Although you will need to reapply the dust if you have to wash it with water, once the area has dried out, it will remain effective for months. Similarly, Delta Dust can be a good choice for areas of your home where your dishwasher may be, as well as similar wet areas in commercial kitchens.

Delta Dust contains Deltamethrin, which is a powerful insecticide. It kills crawling insects such as centipedes and ground beetles. It also has a residual effect for eight months, and can be applied indoors or outdoors. The dust does not clump, and it is odorless and non-toxic. D-Fense Dust is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications, but is not available for use in some areas.

Delta Dust is a cheaper alternative to Drione Powder. While Drione Powder kills in minutes, Delta Dust works for a couple of hours, and is more effective against more than 30 different types of insects. It is also waterproof and can cover 2,000 square feet.