David Freiburger Net Worth – How Rich Is He?

Besides having a passion for cars, David Freiburger has earned a great deal of money for himself. He has been working in the automobile industry for most of his life. He has worked for a number of magazines and automobile companies, such as Hot Rod, Rod & Custom, and Car Craft. He has also written several books. He has also been known for his passion for automobiles, which is evident in his YouTube channel. He has more than 70k subscribers on his channel.

David’s interest in cars and the auto industry began when he was young. He is the son of Jim and John Freiburger. David’s first job was at a Dodge dealer parts counter. He also attended high school. He later went to California State University, where he studied Automotive Production and Technology. He has also worked at aftermarket firms. In 1991, David Freiburger became the Hot Rod Staff Editor at Petersen Publishing. He is also a semi-pro boat racer. He was affiliated with five 200 MPH Clubs.

After leaving college, he worked at an automotive company in Burbank, California. He later took a job at the Glendale Speed Center. David has worked for several magazines, including Hot Rod Magazine, Roadkill Garage, and Hot Rod Deluxe. He is also the creator of Engine Masters, Fastest Street Car, and Overkill. He has also written several web series. He has spoken across the globe. David has a vast collection of classic cars, automobilia, and parts.

In 2010, David started a YouTube channel. The channel has more than 35,629 subscribers and has made a fair amount of money. Most of his wealth has been derived from the money he makes from his automobile show. David is also known for his entrepreneurial endeavors. He has also written several books and has a large fan following on social media. He has a huge collection of classic cars dating back to the 1950s.

David is also a well-known television host. He has appeared on the TV show HOT ROD Live Radio. He has also hosted the television show Roadkill since the show’s inception in 2000. David’s television show has earned him a large fan following. He has been interviewed on several shows, such as the TV show “The Great American Road Trip”. He has also appeared on the TV show “The Grand Tour”.

David has been married. He has never been shy to talk about his marital status. He has never displayed photos of his family. He has also never talked about his romantic life. In 2011, he announced on Facebook that he was married. He has also been a frequent user of Facebook. He posts a lot of pictures of his cars. He posted in April 2018 that he has more than 170 vehicles in his collection. He has a variety of cars, including Pontiacs, Dodges, Jeeps, and Chevrolets. He has a green Ford GPW from 1942.

David is also a skilled fabricator. He has a vast collection of automobilia, including parts and tools. He is also a go-getter and exploits every opportunity to earn money. He also makes money from his YouTube channel and from business ventures. His estimated net worth is around $1 million.