Darlene Marcos Shiley Net Worth

Regardless of her popularity, it’s still not known exactly how much Darlene Marcos Shiley is worth. It’s also not known whether she has any children or not. But if she has children, it’s likely that they are still young.

Patricia Shiley

Known as a philanthropist, Darlene Marcos Shiley has donated millions to numerous causes. Her gifts have been used to fund various civic projects, arts and sciences. Among her recent contributions are the Shiley-Marcos Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center and the Shiley Eye Institute. These two entities are affiliated with the University of California San Diego.

The Shiley Eye Institute is a part of the UC San Diego Health System and provides ophthalmic care to over 120,000 patients each year. The facility houses top ophthalmologists and trains the next generation of eye care leaders. It is a well-known architectural landmark in the San Diego area. The expansion of the facility will provide more clinical space and research infrastructure. This project is part of a $27 million renovation project at UC San Diego.

The Shiley Eye Center also features a mobile unit that treats children with eye disease. It is one of the few places in San Diego that provides free eye screenings. Moreover, the clinic provides free glasses and lenses to those who need them. The Patricia Shiley Low Vision Clinic also provides free eye screenings and eye wear to those who need it.

The Shiley Eye Institute is undergoing expansion, which will provide more clinical space and research infrastructure. The new facility will be the largest of its kind in the United States and is expected to increase the number of patients it treats by about 30 percent. The Shiley Eye Institute also serves as the home of the Division of Cornea and Refractive Surgery, which is led by Natalie Afshari.

Darlene Marcos Shiley is the president of The Shiley Foundation, a nonprofit organization. She has donated millions to several causes and philanthropic organizations, including the Old Globe Theatre, Salk Institute, and Scripps Health. Her generosity has also helped create the Shiley-Marcos School of Engineering at the University of San Diego. She also serves as a member of the UCSD Chancellor’s Associates, a group of individuals that support a number of UCSD initiatives. She is also a member of the San Diego Community College District Board of Trustees.

Gwendolyn Sontheim Meyer

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Donald Shiley

During her lifetime, Darlene Marcos Shiley has made a tremendous impact in the San Diego community. She is a renowned philanthropist and patron of the arts. She has also made a substantial contribution to many other causes. She is known as an inspiration to many people. Her charitable endeavors include the Shiley Eye Institute, Salk Institute, and the Old Globe Theatre. She is also a longtime supporter of public media. She promotes PBS’s Masterpiece Theater and has appeared in several introductions for the show.

She has given a significant amount of money to the MASTERPIECE Trust, a fundraising partnership between WGBH Boston and PBS member stations. Her lead gift of $5 million is the largest ever given to the Trust. She has also given a $10 million gift to the Shiley Eye Institute. She has also given $1 million to the Sharp Mary Birch Hospital. She also donated $5 million to the MASTERPIECE 50th Anniversary Fund.

In addition to her philanthropic contributions, Darlene Marcos Shiley has also served on several boards. She is currently the chair of the Shiley Foundation and sits on several other boards. She also has been an active member of UP Regents. She has donated money to the UP School of Engineering. The school was renamed the Donald P. Shiley School of Engineering in 2009. She has also donated money to the Old Globe Theatre. She has also contributed money to the UC San Diego Health System.

As a philanthropist, she has contributed millions of dollars to the UC San Diego Health System, UCSD’s Shiley Eye Institute, and other UCSD projects. She also helped fund the Shiley-Marcos Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center in honor of her mother, Dee Marcos.

Shiley was a renowned inventor who made a number of important contributions to the medical community. He was a co-inventor of the Bjork-Shiley heart valve. He also invented tracheotomy tubes and endotracheotomy tubes. He was also the founder of Shiley Inc. His company was sold to Pfizer in 1979. When he died in July 2010, his legacy remained intact. He left his wife, Darlene Marcos Shiley, four children, and five grandchildren.

William Lerach

Listed as the 17th richest person on Forbes’ list of 400 richest Americans, Darlene Marcos Shiley’s net worth is estimated at $400 million. She is also a San Diego County philanthropist and the widow of the late Donald Shiley, an inventor who was responsible for medical implants and surgical machinery. A former actress, Darlene Shiley’s philanthropy includes arts, public television, and Scripps Health. Her husband was also a co-inventor of the Bjork-Shiley heart valve, a medical device that improves breathing during surgery. She has also been actively supporting PBS’ Masterpiece Theater.

William Lerach’s estimated net worth is $360 million, and he is an attorney. Lerach has pursued lawsuits on behalf of shareholders in numerous corporations, including Enron Corp., Arthur Andersen, and many others. He also has pursued human rights lawsuits. Lerach has received numerous awards, including a $7 billion verdict for one of his clients. He has also been involved in a class action suit against Arthur Andersen.

Forbes’ list also includes Jay Flatley, who is the chairman and CEO of Illumina, a company that specializes in gene sequencing. Flatley has an estimated net worth of $185 million. He has also been involved with other board commitments. Other board commitments include Easterly Government Properties, a company that leases building space to federal agencies. In addition, he has been involved with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), which helps create guidelines for federal contracts.

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