Dan Duryea Net Worth

Despite his recent departure from the television series, “Family Guy”, Dan Duryea is still a household name, thanks to his long and successful acting career. His net worth is currently estimated at $5 million.

Early life

Known as one of the first Hollywood actors to work on television, Dan Duryea was a star in the stage and on screen. Born in White Plains, New York, he graduated from Cornell University with an English degree. He was a member of the drama club and was elected president of the Cornell University Drama Society. He also worked in advertising. He and his wife Helen were married for 35 years before her death from a heart attack in 1967. They had two sons. They were buried at Forest Lawn Cemetery in Los Angeles.

Duryea began his acting career with a bit part in Sidney Kingsley’s play Dead End. He went on to play a leading role in the play. He also joined the national tour. Duryea was a very dedicated family man. During his career, he worked in a variety of roles, but his best known for his work as a villain in film noir masterpieces. He has been ranked in the list of the top 100 actors, and he is considered one of the best villains in the film industry.

Duryea remained in the stage and television industries for the remainder of his career. He was nominated for an Emmy for an episode of General Electric Theater in 1953. He also made guest appearances on Wagon Train and Bonanza. He was also cast in supporting roles in films like Kathy O’ and The Pride of the Yankees. He was also cast as a doctor on NBC’s medical drama The Eleventh Hour.

Duryea’s career in Hollywood spanned 1941 to 1968. In addition to his acting, he also worked as a film producer and talent agent. He also wrote a book with his son Richard. He also died from a heart attack in 1968. His estate was given to his two sons. During his lifetime, he appeared in more than 100 films. He also starred in westerns and war films.

Duryea was an actor and model citizen. He was involved in community activities, and he left clippings to the Library of Performing Arts at Ethel Barrymore’s home.

Acting career

During his acting career, Dan Duryea played a variety of roles. He became a well-known movie star, a ‘B’ movie specialist, and an actor who made some of the best films noirs of the 1940s and 1950s. He was also an actor on television. His acting career spanned from 1941 to 1968.

In his acting career, Duryea appeared in a number of Westerns. He also appeared in several crime dramas. He also appeared in a variety of television shows, including Peyton Place and Burke’s Law. He guest starred on The Barbara Stanwyck Show and the 20th Century-Fox Hour. He also starred in his own television series, China Smith, in 1952.

After he graduated from Cornell University, Dan Duryea entered the advertising business. He was the president of the college drama society. He married Helen Bryan in 1932. They had two sons. Duryea’s wife died of a heart attack in 1967. His son Peter Duryea later appeared in The Bount Killer (1965) and Taggart (1964).

After graduating from Cornell University, Duryea moved to Hollywood. He met actress Helen Bryan while working for an advertising agency. They married on April 15, 1932. Their marriage lasted nearly 35 years. Duryea was a dedicated family man who had two sons.

Dan Duryea made his film debut in the 1941 melodrama, ‘The Little Foxes’. The film garnered critical acclaim. He reprised his stage role of Leo Hubbard in the film. He also received nine Academy Award nominations for his role. In addition to his stage work, Duryea made several appearances on Broadway. He also appeared in the play ‘Dead End’, starring Sidney Kingsley. His performance was so well-received that producers began to take notice of him.

Duryea was also a member of the White Plains High School drama club. He graduated from Cornell with an English degree. He was elected into the Sphinx Head Society. He also served as head of the Cornell Drama Society.

Duryea was married to Helen Bryan for almost 35 years. She died of a heart attack in 1967. She predeceased Duryea on January 21, 1967. Her remains were interred in Forest Lawn – Hollywood Hills Cemetery in Los Angeles.


Unlike most actors, Dan Duryea’s career spanned many genres, including comedy, Westerns, war movies, crime dramas, and films noir. He also starred in several television series, and guest starred on many others. His characters have been made available to stream on several websites.

Born in White Plains, New York, Dan Duryea graduated from Cornell University. He studied English at the university, and served as president of the Cornell Drama Society after Franchot Tone stepped down. He also contributed to the Cornell endowment. Dan and his wife Helen Duryea had two sons. Dan was a faithful and dedicated husband and father. He was also a model citizen. He was active in his community, and helped lobby for more recreational opportunities for children.

As a young man, Duryea worked as an advertising executive. He also made his Broadway debut, in Sidney Kingsley’s Dead End. He was a member of the drama club at White Plains High School. He was elected to the Sphinx Head in 1928. He graduated from Cornell with a degree in English.

During his early years in White Plains, Dan had a heart attack. He later suffered from cancer. After a year of recovery, Dan decided to take a break from his hectic life.

He began acting in bit parts. He played an alcoholic pianist in a noir film. Then, he got his big break when he was cast as the “G-Man” in the film Dead End. He also appeared in the TV series Peyton Place. In the 1950s, Duryea appeared in several Westerns. He also worked on the television series China Smith. He appeared in many classic episodes of television shows.

In 1941, he played Leo Hubbard in the film version of The Little Foxes. In that role, Duryea earned critical acclaim. He returned to the role in the film of the same name two years later. He also starred in The Marauders. In addition to being a talented actor, he had a good sense of humor.

He was also known for his malevolent supporting roles in crime pictures. He also appeared in several Westerns, such as The Bounty Killer and Six Black Horses.


Despite his reputation as a sleazy villain, Dan Duryea’s portrayal of Martin Blair in Black Angel is sensitive and sympathetic. His relationship with June Vincent is subtle and credible, but their relationship is still noir. And the film’s director, Roy William Neill, does a classy job of directing.

Martin Blair’s character is a songwriter with a serious drinking problem. He has an alibi for the murder of Mavis Marlowe. He is also locked in a room with a caretaker, Joe (Wallace Ford), who is also a friend of his. The caretaker has a relationship with Mavis and Kirk Bennett, another caretaker. They are admitted into Mavis’s apartment. But when they find out that Marko (Anthony Hopkins) is also living in the apartment, they are forced to leave. The doorman, Flood (Jason Connery), suspects that Marko is philandering and tries to prevent them from entering the apartment. This causes Martin to panic, and he becomes a drunk. He is visibly afraid of Jane, a vicious and monstrous character who forces him to buy poison for her.