Damon Fryer Net Worth

Using his passion for automobiles, Damon Fryer started a YouTube channel about luxury vehicles. He then went on to create an entertainment company, Daily Driven Exotics, combining action sports and exotic cars. His channel has over three million subscribers and generates considerable revenue. His net worth is estimated at $2 million.

He is married to Natasha Fryer, and they have three children. Their children are named Alexandra, Tyla, and Athena. Their relationship has not been publicly disclosed.

Damon Fryer’s parents are in the hospitality industry. Their parents own an RV park, a restaurant, and a motel. They had initially opposed their son’s decision to pursue university. He eventually dropped out of ninth grade. He then worked in retail sales and marketing, and later he worked for The Brick brand as a sales consultant. During his four years at The Brick, he moved into management. His skills in sales and marketing enabled him to take over a small branch of the company on his own.

In 2012, Damon founded the Daily Driven Exotics brand. He has over three million subscribers to his YouTube channel. He has also earned a substantial income from YouTube. His company sells cars and other products and merchandise. He has also acquired advertising deals and brand endorsements. His company is based in Vancouver, Canada.

The Daily Driven Exotics logo is on all general fan merchandise, and it is also found on t-shirts. The company also owns car showrooms and gyms. The DDE logo has appeared in social media a lot, and their influencer, Alex Choi Lamborghini, has 700k followers on Instagram.

Fryer is a supercar enthusiast, who has a passion for all things automobile. He has a massive collection of exotic cars, including a Ferrari 458 GTR, a Lamborghini Gallardo, and a Porsche 911 Turbo. He has purchased all of his vehicles for business purposes, and he also has a collection of expensive designer clothes. He is known for his auto vlogging videos, which he posts on his YouTube channel.

Fryer has also earned his fortune through his business, Daily Driven Exotics. In 2016, he was involved in a car accident. He showed how much damage was caused to his vehicle, and he also explained what went wrong. He has also worked with automotive YouTuber TheStradman. In the same year, Houston Crosta of Royal Exotics loaned him a Mansory Edition Bugatti Veyron.

Fryer has also been involved in a number of affairs and has a daughter from another relationship. He prefers not to publicly disclose his personal life. He has also not publicly announced his divorce. Nonetheless, Fryer is alive and in good health. He lives in Kelowna, Canada. He is estimated to be around 78 pounds, and is 1.78 meters tall.

Fryer has also made a fortune through his primary career as a YouTube Star. His channel has generated millions of dollars and he has amassed a large fan base. He has also built a reputation for his auto vlogging videos and has created a brand name for himself. He has also worked as an affiliate marketer.