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DA Brat has had a great career in the music industry. She has released many hit songs. She also has several awards. Her debut album Funkdafied has sold over a million copies.

Da Brat has appeared in various television shows and movies. She has also earned a considerable amount of money in the film industry. She has appeared in movies like Glitter and Carmen: A Hip-Hop Opera. In addition, she has appeared in VH1’s The Surreal Life. Da Brat is also a judge on the reality show The Rap Game.

Da Brat has been credited with contributing rhymes to several hit songs. She has also featured on the albums of other artists, such as Missy Elliott and Kriss Kross. She is currently executive producing Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta on WEtv. Her debut album Funkdafied reached the number two spot on the R&B albums chart. She was nominated for two Grammys. Da Brat is also credited with being the first female rapper to have a platinum album.

Da Brat was raised in two households. She lived part-time with her grandmother and mother, while attending Kenwood Academy in Joliet, Illinois. She also went to a Pentecostal church with her grandmother. She has a total of four siblings.

Da Brat was a part of several controversies and legal problems throughout her career. She has also dealt with bankruptcy in recent years. She was romantically linked to Andre 3000 and Allen Iverson. She has also been involved in a lawsuit. In addition, she has been accused of sexual assault. Da Brat has revealed that she owes $7 million in debt. She declared Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 2018. She had a net worth of around $8 million.

Da Brat has been nominated for two Grammys, but she has never won. She has also been nominated for the Billboard Awards. Her debut album Funkdafied went platinum. She has also been nominated for a BET Award. She is also known as the first female rapper to sell one million albums. She is also credited with being the first female MC in the hip-hop industry.

Awards and nominations

Throughout her career, Da Brat has become the first female rapper to achieve platinum certification. She has also written for many artists. She has performed with many artists, including Tupac and Biggie Smalls. Her debut album Funkdafied was certified platinum, and it sold one million copies. She has also performed with Missy Elliott and Left Eye of TLC.

Da Brat was born in Chicago, Illinois on April 14, 1974. She grew up on Chicago’s West Side, and was raised by her mother and grandmother. She attended the Academy of Scholastic Achievement and Kenwood Academy, where she played basketball and sang in the church choir. She won a local rap competition in 1992. She signed with So So Def Records in 1992. In 1997, Da Brat released a hit song called “Not Tonight,” which featured Left Eye. It was a big hit on urban radio, and it was also a notable item on her “Funkdafied” album.

She also released a web series called “Brat Chronicles: In Transition,” which was released after her debut album. She also participated in the world’s largest rap competition, the Yo MTV Raps competition.

Da Brat has been a part of a number of rap reality shows, including The Rap Game and Growing up Hip Hop: Atlanta. She has also been a part of the cast of the nationally syndicated Rickey Smiley Morning Show, where she serves as a co-host. She is currently working as a radio personality. She also has been developing new artists and lending her time to many charitable organizations. She was also featured on a number of remixes for artists like Destiny’s Child and Aaliyah.

The best thing about Da Brat’s career is that she has been able to accomplish all of this while remaining completely true to herself. She is currently dating hair product mogul Jesseca Dupart, and she has confirmed that she is lesbian. This relationship is sure to take her music career to a whole new level. She has also been a part of Dish Nation, which has a number of artists and actors in the Atlanta area.

Run-ins with the law

Having run-ins with the law is something Da Brat has experienced throughout her life. She has served time in prison for an incident involving a bottle of rum, but that’s not the only time she has been in trouble. She’s also been a part of some television shows, including Growing up Hip Hop: Atlanta, and she has appeared in the “Rap Game”.

In 2000, Da Brat made news when she showed up at a nightclub in Atlanta to meet a fellow rapper, who turns out to be her ex-cheerleader. They got to talking, and the rest is history. After meeting, the pair went on to develop a romantic relationship.

Although Da Brat was not in the clear for the crime, she did manage to do something more impressive, and that’s to hold her own in a male dominated genre of music. Her third album Set It Off sold more than one million copies, making her the first female rapper to achieve that feat. Her first album, Da B Side, was also nominated for a Grammy.

Her latest musical endeavor has come in the form of a reality show. Her star-studded cast will include her friends, family, and dogs. She’s also got a few television shows in the works. She recently laid tracks with Missy Elliott. She’s been featured in Destiny’s Child’s “Survivor” remix, and she’s had a few acting appearances, too.

However, the best part about her run-ins with the law was her eventual redemption. She served time in jail and completed 80 hours of community service, but she’s now free. She’s been working on new music, and she’s hoping to land some acting gigs in the future.

Aside from her run-ins with the law, Da Brat has been on the road, making money. She’s also been working on her new music, which is expected to come out in the near future. She’s also been featured on Mariah Carey’s “Loverboy” remix, and she’s done her fair share of acting, as well.

However, Da Brat’s run-ins with the law haven’t exactly been easy to come by. She has served time for an altercation, and she’s also been accused of beating a woman over a VIP seating situation.

Personal life

Known as the second most famous female rapper in the United States, Da Brat has earned a great deal of recognition in the music industry. In her career, she has appeared on several television shows and made several movie appearances. Her debut album, Funkdafied, made her the first female rapper to achieve platinum status.

Da Brat started her career when she won an MTV contest. She later moved to California to pursue a music career. She released her first album, Funkdafied, in 1994. The album peaked at number one on the Billboard Hot 100. In 1996, she released another album, Anuthatantrum.

She is known for her signature style and her sex appeal. She has collaborated with many famous singers, including Notorious B.I.G. and Lil’ Kim. She has also appeared on Destiny’s Child’s “Survivor” remix and Mariah Carey’s “Loverboy” remix.

Da Brat has released four studio albums over the past 20 years. Her debut album, Funkdafied, sold more than one million copies and received platinum certification. It also peaked at number one on the Billboard hot 100. The album received two Grammy Award nominations. She also won a Soul Award.

Despite her success, Da Brat has had to deal with some trouble. In 2001, she was found guilty of battering a woman. Her victim claimed that Da Brat left a permanent scar on her face. She filed a lawsuit against Da Brat two years after the incident.

In August 2018, Da Brat filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. She reported an income of $75,000 in the first half of 2018. She also listed $108,700 in liabilities. Her liabilities included a $6.4 million judgment owed to a nightclub assault victim. She also listed a $23,000 Jeep Wrangler as an asset.

Da Brat is a reputed television personality and has appeared on shows such as “The Rap Game” and “Growing up Hip-Hop Atlanta”. She also appeared on “The Rickey Smiley Morning Show.” She has also appeared on several movies, including “Kazaam” and “All That.” She is openly lesbian and has appeared on “The Rap Game” and “Growing Up Hip-Hop Atlanta.” She is currently dating hair product mogul Jesseca Dupart.