Cynthia Cristina Ferrare Net Worth

Besides being an actress, fashion model, and talk-show host, Cynthia Cristina Ferrare is also a writer. She has written several books. She has also starred in several films in the late 1960s and early 1970s.

Early life

During her early life, Cristina Ferrare was a model. Her mother and father were from North Italy. She attended private school in Cleveland, Ohio. When she was 16 years old, she signed a contract with a major modeling agency.

She was a spokeswoman for the Max Factor cosmetics company. She has had several starring roles in movies and television shows. She has also written several books, including a recipe book. She was a featured guest on Oprah Winfrey’s television show.

She has also created her own jewelry line. She has also been featured on television in several cooking segments. She has co-hosted several chat shows over the years. She has also been diagnosed with multiple myeloma. Her net worth has been estimated to be $20 million by 2022. She has also been seen in films such as The Impossible Years and J.W. Coop. She has also appeared on the TV show Perry Mason: The Case of the Telltale Talk Show Host.

She has also been a co-host on the ABC television series The Home and Family Show. She was also a co-host on KABC TV’s A.M. Los Angeles. She was also a guest on the television series Vicki! and had a speaking role in the Batman television episode featuring Chad and Jeremy.

She has also created her own company, called Flourish. She has also been featured in several magazines. She has also written five cookbooks. She has also written the book “Cristina Ferrare’s Family Entertainment” which is a best seller.

She has also created a website to help women in the modern day world. She is also a fan of social media, with over 185,000 followers on Twitter. She also has an Instagram page with over 424,000 followers. She has also contributed to the Covid-19 helpline.

Her website has been featured in several news outlets. She has also written about her favorite things, including international cuisines. She also enjoys cooking in her retirement. She has also been diagnosed with multiple myeloma and is currently receiving treatment.

She is married to an entertainment industry executive named Tony Thomopoulos. They have two daughters, Alexandra and Katryn.

Career as a model and actress

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Television host and former model

Throughout the 1980s and 1990s, Cristina Ferrare was a host or presenter on several television programs. Her co-hosting duties on AM Los Angeles with Steve Edwards from 1984 to 1989, as well as The Home and Family Show with Michael Burger and Robb Weller in 1988, are notable examples of her work as a TV host.

Ferrare has also appeared in numerous TV series and movies. Her big screen debut was in the 1968 film The Impossible Years, where she starred alongside David Niven. She was also the leading actress in the 1975 motion picture Mary, Mary, Bloody Mary. In the film, she played a bisexual vampire. The movie was filmed in Mexico, but did not make an impact in the box office.

In addition to her work on the screen, Ferrare also wrote several books. She is also an essayist, furniture designer, and jewelry designer. She is the proprietor of her own brand, called Ferrare With Company. She has written several cookbooks as well.

Cristina Ferrare started her modeling career at the age of 14. She signed a contract with the Eileen Ford modeling agency. She also appeared on several major fashion magazines as a cover girl. When she was twenty, she signed a contract with 20th Century Fox film studios. She has also worked for the Creative Brands Group.

When Ferrare was fourteen, her family moved to Los Angeles, California. She attended the University of California, Los Angeles. She is the daughter of Renata Ferrare and Tavio Ferrare. The family is of Italian descent. She also has a cousin named Daniel Bisutti.

Ferrare was a co-host on The Home and Family Show, but left the show after four years. She returned to the show in 1989. In addition to her work on the show, Ferrare also served as a guest host on Vicki! and The Mike Douglas Show. She also appeared in print advertising for Ultra Slim-Fast.

Ferrare and her husband, Anthony Thomopoulos, have been married for 22 years. Their first child, Arianna, was born in 1989. Their second child, Zachary, was born in 1994.


Despite her successful career, Cristina Ferrare has been able to maintain a wonderful home life. The TV host has a daughter and two adopted children, all of which she shares with her husband and stepfather.

Christina Ferrare was born in 1950 into an Italian family. Her family moved to Los Angeles when she was fourteen. She grew up with her two sisters and her mother, Renata Ferrare. She was offered a modeling job with the Max Factor agency when she was sixteen. During this time, she was also featured in the magazine Cosmopolitan. She has also published several cookbooks.

She has been a model for many years, and she has been a popular one. She has also been a talk show host. She has co-hosted Hallmark Channel’s “Home & Family” with Mark Steines. She also has her own website, and she has recently spoken on Fox TV. She is cancer free.

In January 2018, Cristina Ferrera announced that she was cancer free after undergoing a stem cell transplant. She also revealed that she knows how important it is for families to stay connected in today’s world. She said she wanted to “support Kat Peterson”. She urged people to help sell Kat’s house, and she also urged people to pray for Kat. She has also talked about her website, which helps women. She designed it to help women in the digital age.

Cristina Ferrare has also been married twice, and she has a daughter and two adopted children. She is currently married to Anthony Thomopoulos, an entertainment industry executive. They have a blended family with seven children, four of which are their grandchildren.

Cristina Ferrare has been a super model for many years, and she has been in several films. She has also been a TV host, and she has published several cookbooks. She has also spoken at several conventions. She has a daughter and two adopted children, and she has a website, and she has recently spoken on Fox television. She has also talked about her website, and she has announced that she is cancer free. She has also announced that she wants to write more cookbooks.