Cottle House B&B Prices

The Cottle House Bed & Breakfast is located 33 miles from Greenville. It is a 1905 house that has been restored and is very peaceful and scenic. The property is near a river, lake, and forest. You can check out the place on-site or make a reservation for a night.

The Cottle House Bed & Breakfast is the #1 rated B&B in Andalusia, and it has five-star Tripadvisor reviews. The bed & breakfast cost $100,000 to build. The property offers three bedrooms and two bathrooms, a complete kitchen, dining room, TV parlor, and sunroom. You can also enjoy the outdoors in the wrap-around porch. Nearby restaurants include Buckboard Steak & Restaurant and Big Mike’s Steakhouse.

The prices vary greatly. If you are planning a large party, the curator of the property will cook for you. However, if you’re bringing a small group of guests, you’ll have to pay more. The average cost of flats in Cottle Road was $29,500.