Cory Asbury Net Worth

Considering that Cory Asbury is a popular singer, many people are curious about his net worth. There are a few different factors that can affect his net worth, such as age, birth name, and religion.

Birth name

Count Cory Asbury among the elites of the worship music crowd and you’ll likely find yourself on a worship team with a few of his contemporaries. He started out as a worship pastor with the Radiant Church in Kalamazoo, Michigan. In 2012 he moved to Colorado Springs where he launched the desperation band. He’s since relocated to Kalamazoo. He’s also a notable songwriter who wrote the hit song “Reckless Love” with Tori Kelly. He’s currently touring with his band around the country and beyond. In the early part of 2015 he signed with Bethel Music. He’s been releasing albums ever since. The best part is that he’s been doing it right! Besides writing and producing music, Asbury’s been busy releasing devotional books such as the Reckless Love series.


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Social media accounts

Using social media to promote your product or service can be an effective way of spreading the word about your business. Cory Asbury is no exception. After all, his popular song “Reckless Love” has been played in hundreds of churches across the globe. So, it’s not surprising that he has some social media accounts aplenty.

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Music career

Described as one of the best Christian artists of the past few years, Cory Asbury has become a household name in the Christian music industry. His hit single “Reckless Love” made it to number one on Billboard’s Christian Songs chart and earned him several awards and nominations. He has also made a name for himself as a worship leader, pastor, and speaker. In addition to his work as a singer, Cory has also written songs for other artists. In fact, his song “Reckless Love” was nominated for a Gospel Music Association Dove Award.

In addition to his award-winning music career, Cory Asbury is also an author and speaker. He has written a devotional book about discovering the heart of the Father. He has also performed on stage worldwide. He has also served as a worship leader for Bethel Church in Redding, California.


Besides his day job as a pastor, Cory Asbury is a well-known Christian musician. He has been active in the worship scene since his early teens. He has served as a worship leader at various churches. He currently lives in Middle Tennessee with his wife Anna and their four children. Cory has three albums under his belt. One of these, Reckless Love, is a certified hit. It is the best-selling album of Cory Asbury’s career, and he has earned a handful of accolades along the way. In addition to his award-winning career, Cory has become a household name in the music industry. His latest LP, Reckless Love, has hit the Billboard Christian Albums chart and the Australian ARIA charts. It has earned a few notable awards along the way, including two Dove Awards and a nomination for a Grammy Award.