Cookie Swirl C Net Worth

Among the top YouTube stars in the world, Cookie Swirl C is one of the most popular. Her YouTube channel has over 16 million subscribers and her videos have earned over 16 billion views. Her YouTube career has earned her a huge sum of money. She is estimated to have a net worth of $25 million as of August 2022.

Cookie Swirl C, also known as Candace, is an American YouTuber. She started her YouTube career in 2013 with the Candace YouTube channel. Since then, her channel has received millions of subscribers and she is one of the top 5% of Google’s preferred family YouTube channels. Her videos usually cross 10 million views. The main focus of her channel is toy reviews. She posts videos of her own toy playsets, as well as popular toys. She also has two other channels dedicated to horses.

CookieSwirlC is a 22-year-old American YouTuber. She was born in California and grew up in a Christian household. She has long lustrous blonde hair and searing dark brown eyes. She is a fan of playing Roblox, as well as other games. She enjoys reading, writing, and playing with pets. She also enjoys talking about magical beings. She prefers to live life to the fullest.

CookieSwirlC is known for her stunning appearance. She has long blonde hair and a voluptuous body. She is known for her adorable videos and has a huge fan base on social media. She has not revealed much about her life, but has said that she is a good role model for children.

CookieSwirlC earns a lot of money from her YouTube videos and social media accounts. Her YouTube channel has been able to generate a huge sum of money from advertisements, sponsorships, and merchandise sales. She has made over $24 million from her videos and has earned an additional $3 million from two YouTube channels. She also earns a large sum of money through other business ventures. She also donates a lot to charity organizations. In fact, she has donated to several charities, including WEAVE.

CookieSwirlC’s YouTube channel was created in 2013. She has a lot of subscribers and has earned over 16 billion views. She has been able to create over three thousand videos since she began her career. She usually creates 21 videos a month. She posts toy reviews, blind bag openings, stories, and cooking tutorials. She also has two other YouTube channels, HoneyheartsC and Sugar8Cupcake. Her videos are mostly based on Disney characters.

CookieSwirlC also has a huge fan base on Instagram. Her Instagram profile has thousands of followers. She has never revealed her real name or any other personal details. She has not had any romantic relationships and has not revealed any dating life. She also has not disclosed any information about her family.

She is an American national, born in California. Her father is an entrepreneur and her mother is a housewife. She has three Rat Terrier dogs and a horse. She lives with her family in California.