Commander G Series Gaming Headset Review

The Commander G Series gaming headset is a great choice for gamers who want to improve their audio experience. It features 7.1 surround sound and a 50mm speaker for powerful sound. It is a versatile gaming headset that can be used with any device with a 3.5mm headphone jack.

Among its features are an ergonomic design and comfortable ear cups. It also features moderate clamping strength. The mic is sensitive and has a built-in pop filter to reduce noise. It also has a USB-C connection, which allows for RGB backlighting. It also features well-differenced buttons and a smooth volume wheel.

Another good feature of this headset is the ability to record, and it also has excellent sound quality. It is a great option for streamers and for group gaming. It also has a long battery life. It can last up to 17.5 hours and can be charged in just 4.4 hours. It looks sleek and is compatible with PCs, phones, and game consoles.

It connects with USB-C or USB-A. Its comfortable design makes it a great choice for gamers and music lovers alike. Its 7.1 surround sound produces rich, hi-res audio. It has a wide headband that fits well on larger heads. It also offers wireless and Bluetooth connectivity.

The Commander G series is a great gaming headset that provides a high level of audio clarity and comfort. Its large wired headset design makes it easy to set up for long gaming sessions, and its comfortable ear cups help you focus on your game. It is also compatible with Xbox gaming consoles.

The G936 Commander headset has a USB interface and a durable 2.2-metre USB cable. It can’t be used on mobile devices but it is compatible with PCs. It features buttons for volume, ENC, and microphone ON/OFF. The headphones also feature a detachable microphone.

Although the microphone works well, some users may find it difficult to adjust the volume. It also hisses when it’s at low volume. You must turn off side-tone in the Windows app to fix this problem. Another problem with this headset is that it disappears from the list of sound devices when you shut it off, which can make the sound blasted out the speakers when it shuts down. However, there are options to customize the shutoff time and volume in the Audeze HQ app.

This headset is the best option for gamers who want a comfortable, lightweight gaming headset. It also has powerful Bluetooth connectivity. It can last for up to 29 hours before needing to be recharged. It is also equipped with DTS virtual surround sound processing. It is an excellent choice for gamers who like to listen to music with the best audio experience.

The G936 gaming headset comes with a plastic hard storage case with exquisite workmanship and a zipper opening. Inside the case are two compartments for the microphone and accessory storage. The case also contains the manual and warranty card. In addition, the package includes a spare microphone spray-proof cotton. The manual also offers extensive instructions on using the headset and its accessories.