Comcast’s Emergency Broadband Benefit Has Been Discontinued

Comcast’s Emergency Broadband Benefit program was initially introduced in 2010 and is aimed at helping the affected people get the most out of their service. The program is offered to those who can demonstrate a need for reduced broadband service as a result of Covid’19. The natural disaster affected many people and businesses and, as a result, many of the companies closed their doors. Comcast is working with the Federal Communications Committee to create a program that would help people get connected to the internet.

The Emergency Broadband Benefit is offered on all tiers of Xfinity Internet service. It’s designed to help low-income households connect to the internet and remain connected during a crisis like the COVID-19. Qualifying households receive a temporary credit of $50 per month to be used toward the cost of internet service, and leased internet equipment. The credit will last until the federal government funds the program again.

While the Emergency Broadband Benefit Program has been discontinued, Comcast’s Affordable Connectivity Program is continuing to provide affordable internet and connected devices for low-income households. Comcast’s Xfinity internet service offers discounted internet and a monthly credit of $30 for qualifying households. Additionally, the company is launching new initiatives to increase awareness of the program. Comcast’s Affordable Connectivity Program has more than 10 million households registered in the program.

The EBB program has many eligibility requirements for the low-income households. The EBB will end approximately six months after the pandemic ends. However, the provider will be notified of the end of the program 30 days before the expiry date. If you’re new to Xfinity or Internet Essentials, you will need to enroll for a new service. If you are not, you’ll need to provide a copy of your current proof of living.