Claire Gerhardstein Net Worth

Currently, Claire Gerhardstein works as a Model and Leasing Coordinator for Luxottica. She also has an active Instagram account and is considered to be one of the best models on the internet. She has an impressive social media following and has over 3.4 Million likes on her TikTok page. She has also got the attention of NV Models and Talent. NV Models and Talent handles talent representation, booking and talent development for some of the world’s most recognizable swimwear brands.

She has been working as a model for about eight and a half months. She has an estimated height of five feet and eleven inches. She has a bust size of 34 inches and a waist size of twenty four inches. She has blonde hair and blue eyes. Her dress size is two and a quarter. It’s not surprising to find out that Gerhardstein has a net worth of over $700,000 in twenty-one years of age.

It’s safe to assume that she earned her modest fortune from her modeling gigs, and that she has used that money to purchase a house and car. In fact, she has used her earnings to buy a house in Cincinnati, Ohio. The reason behind her success is quite simple. She has a large following on Instagram, and has a large number of dedicated followers. This means that her popularity has been largely attributed to her sexy photos, which she posts from time to time on her Instagram.

As of October 2021, Gerhardstein has over 27 thousand followers on her Instagram page. She has an estimated net worth of $700,00, which will increase in the coming years. She has a very successful Facebook page, as well. She has over three hundred and thirty thousand likes on her FB page. She has been featured in several articles, including the cover of Elle UK and has been named in the Top 50 most stylish women on the web.

She has a degree in marketing, and has a certificate in business administration. She has worked with SwimOutlet and Funkita Swimwear. She has also been a part of a promotional campaign for Tommy Hilfiger. She has not been married, but her relationship with her boyfriend Rizwaan Dharsey is said to be solid. She has not revealed much about her family, but she seems to be very close with her father Philip.

In the ‘olden days’, she was a part of a football team at Northern Kentucky University. However, her best known contribution was her modelling job. She was also included in the official team of the tournament, and was second in blocks in the nation. She even played volleyball in college, which was a surprisingly big accomplishment for her.

The ‘tall-man-in-a-skirt’ sized Gerhardstein is a tad on the smaller side, weighing in at 126 pounds and measuring a little over 34 inches. She has a tummy and hip area that are in good shape, and she has a dress size that is more than adequate.