Chrystale Wilson Net Worth

Currently, Chrystale Wilson is a famous American actress, writer, producer, and casting director who has made a huge impact on the Hollywood scene. Her career began with her debut role in The Players Club in 1998. The film is a comedy-drama movie that was successful in the United States. Her role as Ronnie gave her a lot of fans and followers. She has also starred in many other movies. She has appeared in 29 hit films.

Her early days in the entertainment industry were not easy. Her father abandoned her when she was young. She had a hard time with her mother who did not allow her to play like other girls. Eventually, she managed to gain support from her family. She was raised in Atlanta, Georgia, where she attended Hiram W. Johnson High School and Sacramento City College. After graduating, she worked at several law firms in the city. In the evenings, she worked at Sacboy Production Studio.

After gaining success on television, she decided to make her move in the film industry. She has been affiliated with various leading brands, including N.W.A., Creed, Think Like a Man, and BET awards. She has received calls to star in many more movies, including Honeybee in 2001 and Pandora’s Box in 2002. Her starring role in For Richer or Poorer in 2012 earned her a nomination at the Academy Awards. She has also partnered with global leading brands, including Chanel, Chanel perfumes, and Prada shoes.

Her debut movie The Players Club was a big success in the U.S. She was paid up to $120,000 per film during the late ’90s. The film was released in Wal-Mart stores in America. It was the first urban Christmas film to be sold in Wal-Mart stores. Moreover, she was the first minority woman to produce an independent movie. It was her success that motivated her to continue with her great works. She stayed grounded and never allowed herself to lose her sense of achievement.

Her book entitled The Magic Tree was written when she was six years old. Her mother did not approve of her daughter’s dreams of becoming an actress. However, her teachers noticed her talent and encouraged her to pursue an acting career. She later graduated from Hiram W. Johnson High School in Atlanta, Georgia in 1989. She then studied law at Sacramento City College.

She has also been known to be a great promoter of charitable work in her community. She organizes a charity event called the “Injured Angel Mixer” every year. In addition, she has also been known to help distribute relief products to inner-city nursing homes. In recent years, she has not updated her social media accounts. She has a Facebook and an Instagram account. She has more than 10,000 subscribers on her page. In 2017, she took a break from her social media activities.

Her net worth has been estimated at approximately $2 million. It is said that she has a perfect body. She also has dark brown eyes and natural curly hair. She has been known to buy luxury jewelry, high-quality clothing, and fancy accessories. She has a birthday on April 1.