Chingona Quotes in Spanish

chingona quotes in spanish

Chingona is a Spanish slang term for a bad ass woman. Its meaning is complex, and it has many interpretations. Historically, the word refers to aggressive women, but it can also mean a masculine woman. Regardless of its origin, this Latina slang word is meant to encourage Latina women to achieve their dreams and make a mark on the world.

The word chingona comes from a Spanish word, txingartu, meaning to burn with coal. In Mexican Spanish, the word “chingar” is equivalent to “f-word.” When used in Spanish, “chingona” means “good,” “very smart,” or “tough.” In English, this word means “nice,” but in Spanish, it means “tough.”

Chingonas push themselves to the limit and crush their goals. They believe in themselves and are not afraid to work hard for their goals. These women never take “no” for an answer, because they live in the word yes. They schedule their days accordingly, including chingona time in their calendar.