Chill Soda Net Worth – Dan Mackey

Inventor Dan Mackey is the founder of Chill Soda. This low-calorie, organic drink is a healthier alternative to many popular sodas. It contains antioxidants and vitamins to help maintain good health. One can has 85 calories. Unlike many sodas, it also contains no corn syrup. This helps reduce the calorie content and increase its nutritional value. The main office for Chill Soda is in Stellenbosch, Western Cape.

Dan Mackey grew up on a trout farm. As a child, he developed problem-solving skills and an interest in healthy foods. After watching his sister’s teachers at a California school make fun of the unhealthy drinks she was served, he decided to create a new soda for adults. He sold 250,000 cans throughout California and was able to earn $175,000 in sales. However, when he appeared on Shark Tank in 2009, he needed investment to take his company to the next level.

When he appeared on the show, Mackey was seeking $50,000 for 10% equity in his Chill Soda. The Sharks initially showed interest in the idea, but Robert Herjavec nipped at the lack of experience Mackey had in the beverage industry. This was followed by Kevin O’Leary, who claimed that he didn’t want to invest in the beverage industry.

While the company still maintained an official website, there are no signs of Chill Soda being sold in stores. There is a button on the website to order drinks. But this website is basically the same as it was in 2015. There are no official retail locations for Chill Soda in California, and it is not available through online retailers.

According to the Chill Soda website, the beverage has a lower glycemic index than many of its competitors. It contains no corn syrup and has no added sugar. It is a nutritional drink that comes in four flavors, including lemon, lime, cherry, and vanilla. It is advertised as having half the calories of conventional sodas. The other beverages are still high in calories and contain artificial sweeteners.

The Chill Soda website states that there will be an “online Chill Soda shop” in the future. But it is not clear when the website will be updated. It is also not clear when the company will start franchising.

During his appearance on the show, Mackey stated that he was an amateur entrepreneur. He said that he had not even taken a class about the beverage industry. He also told the Sharks that he would need expertise from them. This was a misconception. He later accepted Barbara Corcoran’s offer to buy 20% of his company for fifty thousand dollars.

After accepting the offer, Mackey said that he was going to work on his next venture, SecondTrades. He is currently working on a marketing campaign for a new company. But he says he wants to work with Barbara Corcoran again.

As of 2022, the Chill Soda net worth is not known. As a result, it will likely be among the flops of the Shark Tank.