Chencho Corleone Net Worth

Founder and half of Urban Reggaeton group Plan B, Chencho Corleone is a renowned musician and a millionaire. He has a net worth estimated to be around $4 million. He is also the owner of his own record label, Chencho Records. As a solo artist, he has released three solo compositions.

Having studied business administration, Chencho has a talent in marketing. He has received many sponsorship deals, endorsements, and royalties. His main source of income is from music, but he also earns money from his concerts. His videos on YouTube generate hundreds of millions of views, and this allows him to stay in the millionaire club. He has several luxury cars, including a BMW.

In the early 2000s, he started his creative career, which was helped by an experienced producer. This resulted in the release of several hits. This helped Chencho earn his first million dollars. He also had the honor of being named in a list of top musicians. However, he has had a number of slumps in his career, and his income fluctuates.

His most recent collaboration with Bad Bunny has renewed his fortune. The joint track with the rapper broke a lot of records for views on YouTube, and he earned a good pay for it. Luckily, the song has also earned the distinction of being the first Spanish song to hit the top of the charts. It has earned over 120 million views to date, and it has even reached number 10 on the US Billboard Hot 100.

The song was written and recorded after the rapper attended the Met Gala in New York. The video has kept up its momentum, and it has earned 182,326,626 views. It is one of the ten most-viewed songs on YouTube, and it is also the song with the highest quality score.

His music has also been compared to the pop star Justin Bieber. Although there is no clear evidence that Chencho’s songs are any better than Bieber’s, he has a lot of fans, and he has been able to earn a decent income from his main profession. As a result, he is able to replenish his finances with grandiose concerts in Spanish speaking countries.

There are no official numbers about his net worth, but he has a very good reputation in his home country. His Instagram account has over two million followers, and he has several sponsorships. He has also made a name for himself in the social media, and he shows off his wealth on a regular basis. His biographical information can be found on social networks and interviews. He has a story account on Instagram as well.

When he was a teenager, Chencho used to work as a barber for his cousin. He also played basketball, but it was not until he began his musical career that he found the creative direction that would eventually take him to the top of the charts. Fortunately, he was able to land a recording contract with an experienced producer. Afterwards, he started his own record label, and has made a splash in the world of music.