Cheek’d Net Worth 2021

Founder Lori Cheek of Cheek’d has been credited with redefining the dating app industry. Her dating app allows singles to interact with others in a safe and private environment. In addition to providing a platform for real-time communication, Cheek’d offers an eponymous low-energy Bluetooth technology for smartphones. Using the technology, Cheek’d notifies users of nearby matches and sparks, and allows users to continue conversations on the app. Cheek’d is available in 28 countries and has more than 4,500 active members. Its annual revenue is estimated to reach $3 million in 2022.

The Cheek’d app was created by Lori Cheek, an architect who left her job at an architectural firm to pursue the startup. She worked for many furniture-related organizations before founding Cheek’d in 2010. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Architecture from the University of Kentucky. After founding Cheek’d, she became a senior account manager. She then became Cheek’d’s CEO. Cheek’d rebranded in 2015, and hired a Chief Technology Officer. The company now operates an iOS-only app.

Cheek’d’s original idea involved a business card. The card contained a word and a code that led to a subscriber’s online profile. Cheek’d then paired the two people in a private chat room. A paid membership to Cheek’d required a monthly fee of $9.95. The company had 1,125 paid members by the time the show aired. Cheek’d’s website received more than 100,000 hits within 72 hours after the show. The company’s website also received emails from prospective investors.

Lori’s idea for Cheek’d was inspired by a friend who wrote a pickup line on the back of her business card. She watched as the friend picked up a handsome man, and the idea for Cheek’d was born. As Lori says, she wants to make Cheek’d a household business. In order to make this happen, she is looking to raise $100,000 in exchange for a 10% stake in the company.

Lori’s plan for Cheek’d was rejected by the sharks on Shark Tank. She was rejected by Mark Cuban, Lori Greiner, and Kevin O’Leary, and was rejected by Barbara Corcoran. After the episode aired, Cheek’d renamed itself Cheekd.

In addition to Cheek’d’s dating app, the company also provides an iOS-only app that features a “deck” of cards. Each card contains a unique code. Users enter the code onto the card, and when someone matches with their profile, they receive push notifications. Users then pay $10 per month to keep the code active. Cheek’d’s technology uses Bluetooth and other low-energy technologies to allow users to interact in real-time. Users are also notified of unforeseen sparks. Cheek’d is available in 47 states, and its website is available in 28 countries.

Cheek’d was recently sued by a competitor for patent infringement. The lawsuit was filed in the Manhattan Federal Court earlier this year. However, Lori and Lori Pirri have not yet reached a settlement. Pirri has claimed that Cheek copied his concept from 2007. In addition, Cheek claimed that Pirri “plagiarized” her idea from 2007. However, Cheek claimed that Pirri admitted to having shared the idea with a friend, and that she had never put her plan into action.