ChARM EHR – Connect With Your Patients

Whether you have an office or a clinic, the ChARM EHR is an effective way to connect with your patients. Its simple user interface allows you to learn the program in as little as 12 minutes. Its benefits also go far beyond patient engagement and connection. The software can also be used by other medical practitioners and providers outside of your network. This makes it a great choice for busy doctors who need to manage their workloads without relying on a centralized office.

Charm EHR and Charm PHR work in harmony. Using both systems, physicians can request appointments, share lab results and documents with patients, and securely notify each other. The Charm PHR lets patients fill out pre-appointment questionnaires that allow the physician to know more about their health. They can also share handouts and clinical visit summaries. Charm EHR and Charm PHR can be integrated to create a better patient experience.

ChARM EHR is an affordable online EHR, practice management, and billing solution. It offers flexible pricing for individual practices and businesses, and has an enterprise plan for larger practice environments. Enterprise customers can get custom pricing, and they do not have to pay state sales tax on their billing. Charm EHR can be integrated with other programs such as immunization registries and the Sfax fax gateway. It also offers secure messaging and a web-embedded calendar.

The HIPAA-compliant CharmHealth EHR offers a suite of healthcare management tools for providers, patients, and staff. Its TeleHealth solution allows remote care providers to provide quality patient care. Its Connect platform for healthcare communication and messaging also makes it a popular choice among physicians. The product is compatible with all primary care and specialties, and it also allows users to create custom forms for patients. There is limited customer support available for these solutions, however, since the company is not based in the US.